Weekend takeaways

Every now and then, something happens that shakes you out of your boots and puts things in perspective. THINK happened this weekend. I went for some sessions. Some great. Some good. None disappointing.

My takeaways: Right Read and Right Write

Must read more.

And must write on paper more.

Something about the proceedings of the past three days brought back the itch to put pen to paper. Literally so. To scrawl, scribble. To give form to thoughts. And not just by taptapping them out on one screen or the other.

I’m tired of the laptop screen. Phone screen. TV screen. Work screen.


So much to do. So many books to read. So much to see. So many places to go. My life needs some planning, organised constructive steps to actually making it work.

Awesome weekend. More on that soon. As soon as I can sort out my overwhelmed self and share it with you.

Thank you #Tehelka.


7 thoughts on “Weekend takeaways

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  2. ‘Overwhelmed’ has been a rather frequent visitor to my vocabulary lately.. I can relate to ‘put pen to paper’ idea. I swear, it’s been the same craziness at my end. Devoid awesome weekends tho :/ Been working so hard to sort my scene out, its exhausting!
    And siiiiigh. So many things to do and places to see? Don’t torture me like that,Revaaaa. I have boards in 4 months :(

    1. Hehehe its true. The somuchtodo somuchtosee status never really goes away. It just undergoes progressive alteration depending on how much you act on the need to do things see places and live life

  3. haathi! YES you MUST write more on paper. :)
    here’s to more sendings. love it when i read things on your blog that i can totally connect with… good to know you totally enjoyed your weekend the ‘think’.

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