Testing mind over body

So it is that I have made yet another attempt at some sort of fitness regime. Practically the whole year has gone by with several sporadic and altogether lame efforts at trying to get back to exercising. Never in my life have I been more undisciplined about staying fit. While my motivation, energy levels and general health is dwindling the only thing that seems to be on a healthy rise is my appetite. And my sweet tooth. Glorious combination, that. Never in my life have I been so out of control, eating everything that comes my way, craving dessert after every meal and promptly giving in to indulge at the slightest opportunity. Having rich desserts at least 4 times a week. And getting no exercise to compensate.

Its a sorry state of affairs really. I feel unhealthy, lethargic and wasted. Because the truth is, getting some sort of exercise and expending energy regularly is essential on so many levels. It keeps me happy active and feeling good, more than anything else. And thats something I’ve always valued more than the need to be thin.

Fit is good. Thin is not. And on that note. I begin again. Its time for some overhauling. Setting habits back in order, getting disciplined, accepting that I’m not on the happier aide of 25 anymore, when carbs get digested, calories get burnt, your body is agile and gives in to your bursts of exercise very easily. Now the carbs just stay. The adipose just settles. And every time I make an effort to begin exercising, all I get is resistance. So I’m starting over. And this time wish me luck. Really. Because god knows I need it. Or I might just lose my mind.


4 thoughts on “Testing mind over body

  1. Hehe… SAME situation here! What I’ve discovered about myself (I don’t know if you’ve experienced this as well) is that the more regularly I exercise, the more I’m in tune with my body and it’s needs, and the better is my control over dessert-related impulses! But I find that when I’ve let go of exercise for a while, I tend to let go of EVERYTHING!!

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