Mohit Chauhan Blues

Thank you Mohit Chauhan. Oh, and by that logic, A R Rahman too. Thank you.

For making some part of this most atrocious movie, bearable.

And for giving meaning to my Monday morning.

I really am ruined by my words. By my profession that’s so entwined with the words I don’t really want to speak. I dont really care about. But am expected to.

10 thoughts on “Mohit Chauhan Blues

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    1. Sula: go babe, just dont go watch rockstar. its not worth any time :P
      Anita: check out the rest of the album too. It makes for a good album even if you dont think of it as an OST.


    1. Oh, I thought it was Prasoon Joshi, but I could be wrong.
      Yes, great lyrics. But I think Mohits voice just stole the show. I thought it was brilliantly suited to Ranbir’s spirited performance.


    1. Well we can politely agree to disagree then :D
      I thought it started off with much promise, and Ranbir has outdone himself. I never expected such a superlative performance by him. But something snapped after the interval and the movie just landslided to a point of no return. Frankly I thought the last 45 mins were unnecessary and meaningless.


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