I’m feeling so blue

When life gets utterly dreary, sometimes it lead us to do the drastic. The unthinkable. The I’ve-never-done-this-before kinds. The I-didn’t-think-you-were-the-sort kinds.

Sometimes it happens on a whim. Sometimes just to shake things up a bit. Sometimes because we all need a change. Sometimes its just downright essential. Sometimes irrational. Sometimes impulsive. Sometimes because it just makes sense.

For me it was all of the above.

The utterly dreary and monotonous weekdays that have come my way needed some colour. Some life. Some change. So I acted on a whim, to shake things up a little, for a change, and because I so desperately need some irrational, impulsive decisions to be acted upon. And because it seemed like the best way to spend my otherwise dull Sunday evening. It just made sense, there, in that moment. When the Monday morning blues were creeping in on me 12 hours too early.

And with that, I’ve said goodbye to years of ultra voluminous, pouffy, unmanageable, always tied up hair. And said hello to perky bright, hasslefree, wash and wear hair.

Who’d have thought that a little blue could actually be so cheery?

23 thoughts on “I’m feeling so blue

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  2. adore the colour..blue is my fav ! must have took u sum gut s to go for that colour..all i could get myself done was a copper . . but then how u feel after a dose of new shade to ur locks is beyond words ::)


        1. I hate self promotion (honest to god), believe me, but this post is really close to my heart, and I wanted to share it with others, call it a craving for self appreciation :P
          I’m really sorry for doing this on your blog, cus I can perfectly empathise with you on the not-liking-self-promotion thing. Desperate times call for desperate measures :P

          Sorry!! And thanks again :D



    But yes, I totally agree with the irrational decision you need once in a while to feel well… alive? I did the same two weeks back and got my hair cut (not too short) but a completely different style with fringes. Go see my blog! Photos there :D

    And yeah, I agree with the comment above, some proper pictures bole toh ekdum full face ka! :)


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