Love is..

Knowing just how much Thums Up to share with your wife.

Our weekly lunch at the neighbourhood restaurant. The order is always the same.

1 chicken triple schezuan. 1 Thums Up. Split 2 ways.

And when the Thums Up arrives, its always split in the exact same way.

Some would call it cheeky. Some would call it greedy. But I just call it plain old thoughtful. The husband always knows that I only ever need a sip or two to wash my meal down. Never less, never more.


12 thoughts on “Love is..

  1. so its universal then, we women actually need thoda sa coke to wash down the chinese, or sometiems the mac and sometimes the sunday biryani :) :)

    and the husbands always always oblige in “sharing “

  2. That matches my desire for coke as well! Not more than a sip or two, and only with Chinese or Pizza. Difference is, AK will never share unless specifically told!

  3. Been reading your blog for a while now and your posts always make me smile. Love your writing style and the way you think. :)
    So just thought I’d come out of the shadows and let u know I’m a real person who enjoys your writing and not a bot.

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