Up, up and away with 2011

And just like that another year has zipped by like a monkey with its ass on fire.

I know, I know. I say this every year. Around the same time. Last year I reflected on wat could only be called the most life-changing year of my life.

I don’t know what it is about November that makes reality strike. I can’t help but feel like just the other day I was getting over the initial shock and getting used to the idea of the move. And then I was slowly settling into the I’m-actually-living-in-Goa feeling.

Just before the start of 2011, I took a step that changes my life pretty dramatically. Around this time last year I was filled with anxious trepidation about going back to work. Back to advertising. Back to a life of employment. And after a shaky and miserable start, I can say things fell back on track. It’s been a rocky ride to say the very least. And though my recent updates tell a tale of a sorry, overworked self, I have to say that the opportunity has been a blessing in disguise.

It opened the door to a new way of life. Something I had never done before. Something I love and hate. Something that’s made me laugh and cry. Made me unhealthy. Taught me what fatigue really is. And helped me discover a new level of respect for the women in my life.

Not so long ago Anand decided to visit us, I ordered the husbands cake and we planned our first ever home barbecue to ring in the new year. It’s like we were just sitting out in my balcony licking away scoops of Anand’s sinful chocolate mousse, watching the fireworks that lit up the first moments of the new year. 2010 had only just ended and 2011 was on us. And already I’m thinking about what 2012 will bring.

I can’t say 2011 was as eventful as 2010, but it has had its fair share of lessons. It’s given me some scary moments of truth. Some weird trials. A whole lot of fun. More Goan-ness. Lots of discoveries in the food, drink and other nefarious departments. But it certainly hasn’t been as monumental as 2010 was. I will of course do my customary rear-view-mirror look at the year gone by. But I need the feeling to sink in sufficiently. Enough for me to pull out the rocking chair, sit back, prop my feet up on a stool and rock myself away into a trip looking back on the year gone by. Like an old hag. Yeah, its that time of year when I become acutely aware of how fast time is slipping through my fingers. Mostly because the birthday suddenly feels like its just around the corner. And I feel like I just want to hit pause and shout of “Slow-dowwwwn-you-guyyyys! I’m not ready to get older yet!”


It’s funny how time works. Months can pass with nothing but the mundane coming your way. And yet, sometimes just an instant or a series of instances can change the very course of your life.

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