Evening glory

Winter is here. Yep, I did say winter. Believe it or not even balmy Goa has had temperatures drop to the 20s in the past few days. The evening walk back home is windy and there’s a definite nip in the air.

The AC goes off sooner at night. The blankets are out and I’m even considering taking a jacket to work to combat the constant tussle of what temperature the office AC should be at.

It’s what little winter we can have and though I’m not a cold winter person at all its nice not to be sweltering and melting away anymore. What’s more, the sun sets earlier these days. And refuses to rise until almost 7 a.m. Making it impossible to get out of bed sooner and begin the day feeling fresh. The mornings are grey and foggy and everyday I go to work with a blanket hangover, wishing I could have had a few minutes more under my covers. Snuggled amidst my fort of pillows. And with the days getting shorter, night comes sooner, making it pretty much dark when I leave work every evening.

Today I left earlier than usual and caught the most breathtaking fire in the sky. The husband stopped while I fished out my phone and snapped this:


Winter is here. Its time for IFFI. Time for chai and pakodas. Soupy dinners, full sleeves and everything in between. But as long as I get to see sights like this, I’m not complaining.

15 thoughts on “Evening glory

    1. Hahaha yes i am. Of course im only calling it ‘winter’ because its that time of year. Its not as cold as it is in other parts where theres a real winter but yes our days are definitely getting shorter. The mornings are dark and foggy and evenings dark again by 6 pm. And night time temps are going down to 22 degrees which is collllldd by goan standards :P


  1. That IS a glorious fire in the sky! I miss Indian winters……they’ve got just enough winter in them. And, oh, the blanket hangover! Tell me about it. Okay, this just happens to be about something I love anyway, but how do you make everything sound so DELICIOUS?! :)

    This year I get to enjoy an Indian winter! Yayayayay!!!


    1. I’m not a big fan of the winter. But In Goa it not too bad, so I really can’t complain :P The temperatures drop just right and everything gets misty for a bit.
      When do you get here?


  2. I’m usually nervous about winters because they bring out the cranky side of me like nobody’s business.. but this year, oddly enough, yes- I’m looking forward to them too :)


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