November ‘ssupdates

Because I’ve got a touch of the too-much-to-say-itis syndrome. Largely due to the onslaught of the crazy-days-crazy-nights virus that’s been following me around.

Because there is an immense need to off-load.

Because I’m all about the miscellany today.

Because I’m going on holiday and I will be away for the next four days.

Oh and because Pinterest has spoken to me so many times this past month. Sending out messages in what can only be called a series of awesome coincidences. Sometimes I stop in my tracks, at the apt things it throws at me. The succinct precision with which the words come out at just the right moment is sometimes too overwhelming. So today, since its one of those days when the words are leaping out faster than I can catch them and pin them onto this meandering post, I’m going to let Pinterest assist me in doing the talking.

1) Good riddance to a bad, bad November: by far the worst month in 2011. With nothing memorable to note, nothing to take away. Just a whole lot of crap. And then some more. And much as I am tormented by the lightning fast speeds at which the year
is coming to a close, here’s my wish to November:

2) The past weekend, I had an epiphany. The kind that makes you re-realise something you always knew, but have forgotten because the truth often gets covered under piles of dust and crap that really shouldn’t be there, but has taken over your daily existence. Sheryl Crow said it simply, but her words carried such wisdom.

A change, was what I needed. And a brief change is what I got. But as it turned out, it did me a whole lot of good. I spent all of Saturday at work. In the office. Writing. And ideally, I would have been ranting about it. Already feeling the burden of being overworked, one would wonder why I agreed to go in to work on a precious Saturday. But there’s the catch. I spent the day helping the husbands team finish up a website they’re working on. And right there, in several moments scattered across those nine hours of work, was my epiphany. The sudden coming home of the truth. Of what my passion is. What I love to do. What gives me my real kicks. And what I need to bring back in to my life, one way or another.

3) November has been chaotic, confusing and annoying in more ways than one. But the beauty (yes, I have been willing to look at the silver lining :P) of it has been that from it has emerged some unshakeable truths. About my true calling in life. About things I need to do. About direction, purpose and moving on in life. In its crazy chaos, Nasty November has given me my “what-next?” moment. Something I need every now and then. And I can only hope that this is all leading somewhere really good. Somewhere nice.

4) Every weekend is like my anti-week. It helps me undo everything that the week has done. It helps me make right all the wrongs. Fix everything I can’t otherwise fix during the week. In other word, spend my time doing all the things I can’t otherwise do. Things that enrich me and keep me going. Give me a purpose and give shape and meaning to life. Sometimes I want to do nothing, and the weekend lets me give in.
The weekend lets me chill. Observe. Reflect. Think. Write. And just chill.

And then sometimes the weekend inspires me to cook! And this, boys and girls, is what I made, and the husband photographed, this past Sunday. Kickstarting the food blog again. Go check out my homemade chocolate-banana pancakes! Quick!

5) So it was good to have a nice weekend to top off the wretched month that November was. I’ve pretty much waded through the week on the high of the weekend. And today, I began my day the way any holiday should begin: with a nice long session of pampering myself at the parlour. I got my monthly dose of filmi-gossip, home-decor tips, and chatted with cheerful Miga, as she gently massaged aromatic oil into my scalp. There’s something psychologically relaxing about getting a nice fresh pedicure and massage. Now, I’m ready to go on holiday.

6) And with that I’m done. Done wallowing in the miserable month that November was. I’m ready for the next chapter. I’m ready for the what’s coming up next. I’m ready to regroup and bring myself back from the woods. My plans might not be laid out, but I’m going to look ahead, rather than behind. And I’m ready to change tracks, shift gears and do what it takes to take back my life.
Move over November, make way for December. And while you’re at it make it large, juicy and well done please.


16 thoughts on “November ‘ssupdates

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  2. Thank you for the change picture and song. Trust me I need it right now like I never have ion the past.

    When this chaos ends, life’s going to be all sorted. And then we will be bored again. What fun :|

    Yes, I am rambling :) Loved the post!

    1. oh btw havent carried my camera..but i have been clickclicking away on my phone, if that can even count :S and i have doscovered the joys of instagram! so wait for it :P

  3. hehh now THAT Was a good lot of rant! Fantastic! Exactly how a typical “1st-of-whatever-month-post” should be :D
    It’s funny how your blog either introduces me to awesome music or reminds me of good stuff I haven’t heard for a while. SO. Here’s what I’m going to do- Cheryl crow’s sweet child o’mine (perrsonaaal phaborite) shall be sung by me in an acoustic jam tonight on ze terrace with my brothers B) :D

    have a kickass trip revaaaaa :)

  4. hahaha.. that is the true style of writing blogs. I’m still trying to grasp this code. All I can hope for you is Dec to neutralize the atrocities inflicted by Nov :)

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