Where rock meets pop

I don’t know if its merely a happy sense of nostalgia or a real blast into the past. I don’t know if its the existential angst that’s bubbling under, the feeling time moving faster than I’d like it to, or the sudden trip down the road that leads to the same unanswered questions that makes me contemplative, quiet and alone. But all the music that’s ruled my playlists for the past few weeks has been a deep dive into a time gone by. Music from the 70s, 80s and a little bit of the 90s. Music my parents grew up listening to. Bands they introduced me to. Things I heard when I was a 16-year old. And quickly gave up for catchy bubblegum pop.

Somewhere bang in the middle of my teenage Led Zepp and Pink Floyd days was a phase of down and out pop, hip-hip, mindless happy music. Music that was happy, free, liberating and didn’t warrant deep emotions and thinking. Trashy lyrics, decent catchy music. Perfect to listen, obsess over for a bit. And forget.

But that’s the thing about the Golden Oldies. They’re unforgettable. They come back. Over and over. Haunting you with memories, moments, reminiscing and reverie. So I’ve been soaking myself in the likes of:





When suddenly the sister sent me a link to this:

And brought me back to one of the tightest pop-rock band’s I’ve ever heard. Fitting the candy floss pop look down to the T, complete with hot lead singer sporting washboard abs, lovesick lyrics and unnamed blonde babe in video. Yet scruffy enough to pull off the rough riffs and grungy rock appeal that I associate with Maroon 5. There’s something about this song that has made it stay on loop for a while now. Long enough to dig out a torrent for the album, and discover the acoustic version, which I wish I could share, but can’t for the life of me find on youtube!

From then on I had willingly slipped back into the pink world of pop. Switching between Maroon 5 and this track that just makes me want to bounce around:

and this incredibly troubled but gifted woman:

and this (eeks, yes I know!) just to balance out the altogether unmanageable levels of meaningful music that I was steeped in

I just gave my teeny cousin an earful this past weekend, for spending a questionable amount of money to attend a Pitbull concert. And simultaneously shoving the truth about my current playlist deep down to the recesses of my mind.

So there you have it. Out in the open. Yes, I’ve been listening to cheesy, foot tapping, booty shaking pop. And loving it. There, it feels good. to get that off my chest now. So what have you been listening to?


4 thoughts on “Where rock meets pop

  1. not much into 80s, 90,s ..but then the latest add ons to your playlist match mine . . love the rihanna and maroon 5 albums. . check out foster the people and adele . . .good ones :)


    you brought in the puuuurfect saturday mood here, revaa! :D listening to all of it, I am. Right now!

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