Instagramming sisterly love

I guess you can’t call it “the passage of time” unless it smacks you in the face every now and then, making you realise that it is indeed passing you by with every living moment. The universe seems to be doling out one too many of these moments, very, very generously, to me.

Who says the older sibling must lead the way. The sister moved out of home much sooner than I did. In that sense, I guess she was ahead of me in more ways than one. She did everything I didn’t do in my time. Moved out of home to go to college. Lived in a new city. Found her passion. And she’s definitely ahead of me in the nefarious activities department, sometimes teaching me a thing or two. And somehow as we’ve grown, I can’t help but feel that the five-year gap between us gets dangerously shorter all the time.

Our recent trip to Bangalore, brought the family back under one roof, all at once, for the first time in years. With the sister in Bombay for the last four years and marriage taking me away, the parents have experienced a liberation they didn’t have. The mother is jetsetting all over the place, pursuing her profession like never before. It’s finally her time to shine, and shes making the most of it. the father is see-sawing between working and travelling for work and pleasure, and from what I can tell, he’s on to his next-phase-in-life. They’re living it up their own way. So when we made a trip down early this month, it was to be together. The four of us and the husband. One more time. Before the sister moves off to Bombay again. This time for good. To work and say hello to the new life. And right there in the middle of that happy weekend, was the heavy truth of how much time has passed us by.

It seems like just yesterday I was writing this. And letting go of my one and only roomie, and getting used to coming home to an empty room. What happened between then and now seems to be like a tight plot in a racy action-packed movie. So here we are, on the brink of another phase. And there was no better way to celebrate it than to be together at home again.


9 thoughts on “Instagramming sisterly love

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      1. Yes except not just 5 minutes ago my mother told me she is going to wear an old dress of mine that i discarded because it looked like the dress of an emo 15 year old.

        Sigh. I can’t coax her out of it.

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