Life’s smiling

And I truly wish there was some way to capture the goodness. Pack it up into large vats, label and tag them by levels of happiness. Stash them away. For a rainy day. Like a happiness fund that I can tap into every time I feel a dip in my enthusiasm. Dig in, pour myself a glass of Happy and let it take over. Everybody could do with a happiness fund. A way to stock up on the good times. So they never run out. And right now I’m feeling greedy for the sunshine. It’s probably hard to believe it. After all the whining I’ve resorted to around here.

I suppose I could tell you how the sticky-icky horrible present situation hasn’t moved on. How I haven’t found a way out of this dead-end. How I’m actually pretty unsure of which way to go. But let’s not go back down that contemplative road. I’ll save it for another post, when I have some direction and something positive to say about it. There’s a time for all that thinking. And that time is not now.

I’ve had a sunshiney Sunday. I went back to an old, old trick. I decided to let go. Kicked back. Chose to forget. Draw a blank and surrender to the situation. Stop mulling over it. Stopped the incessant thinking. Just gave in. I’ve had it with all this incessant angst. And I decided that if that’s how its going to be for a while, so be it. I’m going to let it take its time and tide over. It turns out, its possible. Even in times of utter despair, when it feels like nothing worse could happen, it is possible to reach that point of peace. Grab that c’est-la-vie ray of sunshine and hang on to it.

I may not have found a way to stock up on Happiness, but there’s always good ol’ beer. And then there’s Corona. No matter what you tell me, they’re not the same.

Beer is heavy. Corona is crisp and light.
Beer makes me bulge. Corona refreshes me.
Beer cuts through, with every sip. Corona glides in, effortlessly.

Who’d have thought I would post this, so soon after I posted this. Even though I’m supposedly off beer, we treated ourselves to some fresh Coronas yesterday. At 120 bucks a pop, in Goa where Indian beer is almost cheaper than water, this is not something I do often. But when the husband accompanied me on our weekly shopping and sneaked in 6 bottles in, doubled my expenses and gave me a cheery grin in return, I really couldn’t help but give in. This is his idea of finally having some alone time. A date, he says.

So yeah, I might not have found a way to stash away Happiness. And I might not have found a permanent solution for the crappy situation I’m in. But choosing acceptance, rather than resistance, I think, just might be half the battle won. And when all else fails, I’ll just take the husband out shopping again.

8 thoughts on “Life’s smiling

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  2. I’ve been on blogger break for a few weeks..cause the creative side of me has gone binge drinking and the happy side of me saw the face of pre pre boards… but now that they are over, and not to mention- reading this post makes me want to come back :)
    Absolutely loving this post! AND the last one :)

    Revaaaaaa. When facebook again yaa? I miss your awesomeness links and photos :(


    1. Oh good to have you back :) Drink a Corona (wait, are you old enough for that ;)) and go post a crazy happy post!

      About fb..I don’t know ya. Its been some 3 months and I can’t say I miss it also.. So not sure why I’d come back :S Let’s see..


      1. Hhaha posted! Not a happy post but a very.. winter post? :P
        thora romance shomance daal diya, whatever came to my head! a little metaphoric to my come-back on blogger and the social netword in general.. go read and tell me what u think about it : )

        and aah I know. Happened to me,too. But heyy come back the day you miss it okay! But if you don’t, I’d say you’re leading a blessed life :)


  3. :)
    Sounds like a good plan! Like this guy (who is a life coach) told me once… if you can’t control it… let go!

    Coronas are good! I stock em too.. though I don’t drink much beer. Lately I’ve been all over this cider called Moho.
    See if you can get your hands on it. It is AWEsome! The smoothest, tastiest, non-alcohol tasting alcohol that gives you a high without you even realizing it!
    Not met a single person who hasn’t liked it!



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