In which I realise there really is no limit to procrastination

They say to procrastinate is to delay or put something off for later. But just just how much later?

I sit here, at home, having taken half the day off to work from home. Just so I can have myself some uninterrupted, focused time to get a 300-word article out of the way. And yet here I am, 4 hours later. With zilch. Nada.

I think its safe to say that this week, I have set an all new record for myself. Quick, someone give me the medal for Best Procrastinator of all time.

I’m trying to find reasons why. To justify this utterly hopeless behaviour. It hasn’t helped that the energy high and the landslide of work that I was inundated with hasn’t really cleared up. So while I’ve had the energy to keep going, I haven’t been able to knock things off as soon as I’d like to. I had all the right intentions to sit and work through it on the weekend, so I can go to work on Monday with a clean slate. But you know how it is. When the body is willing, the mind seldom is. Especially when more compelling things like jam-making (which bee-tee-double-youu, was excellent. Will post about it on the food blog the moment I have a clear head and some breathing space, phewwww.) and general states of extreme laziness take over.

But there’s a difference between extreme laziness where one unwinds and relaxes completely, and extreme laziness you’re lazing on the outside, but inside your head there’s a constant buzz. That’s the sound of you running through a task-list. On repeat. This weekend, I shut down trying to do anything concrete. But I couldn’t shut down the voices in my head. The voices that repeatedly told me I’m very, very screwwwwed.

Anyhoo, so here I am. Bang in the face of a deadline I might just miss. It doesn’t help that all through last week and yesterday and today I’ve felt like I’m constantly running on a treadmill. Because what that makes me feel is guilt-less. No remorse. And you know what that makes me want to do? Procrastinate some more. So help me God.


7 thoughts on “In which I realise there really is no limit to procrastination

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  2. Fellow procratinators of the world unite! You’re not going to believe this, but I’m staring at my work computer having put off something I’ve really had to do ALL day and still finding excuses not to do it when your post notification came through.

    I have a limitless inclination towards putting things off to the last hour, then to the last minute and then on to the last second. Aarrg!

      1. Do you remember what *I* did when I got emails and voicemails AND sms’es? :D I went MIA. (Yes, that was the day the laptop went kaput and the phone got lost, all at the same time.!)

        Here’s something that seems to be working for me, in case you’re looking for suggestions: I’ve restricted myself to checking email/FB/blogroll once right after waking up, once just before going to bed, and the rest of the day only when I’m stranded somewhere, waiting for something (say, an appointment) and can’t help using the phone, out of boredom. The rest of the day, I tell myself – you’ll soon find yourself waiting for someone, somewhere. (So I can’t aimlessly surf AT HOME, only when I’m outside.)

        It’s only been Day 1 :D and I sound (and feel) so accomplished! Aimless surfing is how I procrastinate. I really did have a very productive day today. Let’s see how long I last!

        1. BWahaha.. unfortunately I cant pull that stunt, because the workplace is far too small and close-knit :(.
          What I did, however was push till the last minute and then found my sweet spot :P which it seems now only happens when im under pressure! bwahaha.. but yeah the results were satisfactory. Wait for my next post!

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