The flipside of procrastination

If there’s one thing that can completely unhinge me and the mood of the hour, it is the satisfaction of being in the flow. No, not that flow. This one.

Because do you know what happened when I was done procrastinating till I couldn’t anymore (which, by the way, was yesterday morning. Yes, I’m that much of a slacker.)? I realised that there’s only one thing that can happen when you push things so far that they can’t get much farther. I woke up, decided to suck it up and get to work.

The thing about some kinds of writing is that it doesn’t happen by force. This is a ridiculous bone to pick when your job depends on it, because every job comes with deadlines, and one cannot expect to have the luxury of sitting back, smelling the roses, watching the clouds float by and wait for inspiration to happen. But I just cannot tell a story with a deadline looming large. I mean, I can tell it, but it wont be a fun story. What I need to be able to write a good story, is some inspiration. That sweet spot where all the nebulous, meandering ideas crystallise in a single moment, fall into place and click on that bulb of inspiration.

Unfortunately for me, that sweet spot slipped in early last morning when I woke up in a frenzy. Because I had suddenly realised that there was no hiding now. No looking back, no slipping under and hiding for cover. Either I could get the job done. Or face the music. Better late than never, I thought to myself, and decided to get it done.

Thus ensued a frenetic rush at twice the speed to meet this deadline that was fast closing in on me. And right there in that mad dash, I had my a-ha moment. The one that had long evaded me. The moment of clarity, where what I wanted to say, how I wanted to say it, the words, the sequence, everything, just fell into place and flowed. The words seemed to just fly out at the speed of light, forming ever so eloquently even in my hectic fit of typing.

Not all procrastination is bad I guess. Because on the far, far side of what can be called the worst case of procrastination I have faced in a long time, I found my flow again.


11 thoughts on “The flipside of procrastination

  1. I haven’t known anybody in my life who procrastinates as much as I do. Honestly, if I had to submit something by noon, I would be making final changes until 11:59 am. Even at 11:50, I will procrastinate for another 5 minutes and then get the final copy ready only after that. Others would have completed and submitted their work days in advance. I only do my stuff when I get to the “Do or die” stage. When I know I will be so dead if I don’t do it at that point.. I could have very well written this post.

    Which is precisely why I didn’t think I was suited for a career in writing. I feel bad at times, because I am so passionate about writing. I stayed away from it not only because I do not have much faith in my writing abilities, but also because I know my writing skills are very turbulent. I cannot write on demand. Neither can I produce my work on the last minute.

    I am quite amazed by your capabilities :)

    1. And i am quite amazed by your sense of clarity :) if only i had half the precision in realising my weaknesses against my strenghts..perhaps i wouldnt be in this place :)

      Then again, i have noticed that things have only gotten so bad in recent times, for me. I was never this uncaring about my deadlines. Makes me wonder whats bringing it on.

  2. The techie (my husband) is exactly the same. Me, if I have a deadline looming, I’ll be so anxious and unable to enjoy anything else, that I might as well finish the job on time. Though when it comes to writing, I agree that it can’t be done on demand.

    Love your blog, it’s so real with absolutely no sugar coating.

    1. Im a complete artist at heart, driven by inspiration and whims and fancies of my is often SO hard to fit into a workplace kind of scenario. There are moments when random things like the clouds inspire me, and I want to do nothing but sit and sip my chai and sit and write. And then I have a deadline to meet, writing about gawwdknows datacentres or some such inane thing!

      And thank for the compliment on the blog :) there’s nothing nicer than being acknowledged for “real” writing..

    1. Hahaha, no you cant be the Queen.. That position is strictly dedicated to me :P
      I have perfected the art of procrastinating to the point of utter despair, yet staying unflinching in my resolve NOT to work before time. I justify it with the convincing perfection only a Queen would be able to :)

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