In preparation of the mad day ahead

The first song I played at work today:

Out loud, might I add.

Ranjan was quick to give me a sideways glance and say, “This is usually an EOD (End Of Day) kind of song.”

Yeah. ’nuff said. Its going to be that kind of day.

But the light at the end of the tunnel is a 4-day weekend starting tomorrow. Which, as of now (and if all goes as per plan), includes a scoot off to Palolem for two days, possibly buying that much-awaited oven and letting the baking plans begin.


18 thoughts on “In preparation of the mad day ahead

  1. Ouch! I am sorry to know that your long weekend outing plan didn’t go too well :(
    I am new here and I’d love to explore your very interesting titled blog :)
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  2. oooh! Palolem! :(

    I feel so bad that my Goa trip last year got cancelled! These were some of the places we were planning to check out. *sigh*

    Multiple-scheduling issues with so many people made us cancel our plan altogether. :(

    Maybe it’s all for the best though! If I’m there this year, maybe we can catch up? :D

    Happy Republic Day! Hope you have a fun weekend!

    1. Arrey I didnt go. I was at work till pretty late last night, and Im at work right now too :P full flop happened. Weekend plans have to be changed around now.

      1. not right now! things might change soon though. I’m definitely going to India some time this year… i’ll try and fit Goa into my plans! :D

        ooh! now i’m all excited abt my india trip (that is yet to be planned! :P)

  3. Revaaaa! Good luck with the weekend you, pretty sure it’ll be kickass. How you been? Some photo update please? I need to eye treat. 12th grade has snatched the light outta my eyes -.-

    1. Arrey poora flop ho gaya. Im at work right now, and most likely will be here tomorrow too. Hopefully, I will take off on Friday, if everything works out well.. Wish me luck!
      Hows the boards prep going?

    1. I hope it works out..*fingerscrossed*
      I have been to Palolem a few times before, but Im looking forward to this weekend with bated breath, and I hope we end up going as we have been plannign for weeks now..

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