Quick update

Or, how only long weekend of the year suddenly became the shortest weekend ever.

What I thought was the light at the end of the tunnel: a 4 day weekend
What it turned out to be: working for 3 out of 4 holidays, now painfully hoping I will get tomorrow off to recover

What I had planned: go to Palolem, buy an oven, finish reading my book
What I ended up doing: going to work, no oven in sight this weekend, still haven’t finished the presentation we’re working on, and the book lies ignored

What I wanted: a break
What I got: 3 extra days of work. YAY!

What I have been trying to do: finish a half-written post since Monday, 23rd January 2012
What I have done: etched and beveled away at it in fits and starts, but have just not found the time to tie it all together and bloody finish it

What I thought I could do: enjoy this work despite the ruined holiday, because the truth is, this is the kind of work that makes work
What has happened: a too many cooks situation. And the broth? Its not very appetising

So there. That’s what I’ve been up to.


9 thoughts on “Quick update

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  2. oh boy! i hate it when a holiday gets cancelled, even if it is a mini-break.
    Hope you’ll get through the work mess soon enough.

    And maybe ice cream will help? (it always helps me! :P)

    1. It definitely would, except have I mentioned the husband and I have come down with a touch of the flu? 13-hour work days don’t do me any good.. so no ice-cream either :(
      Wait for my next post for more details!

  3. Priya

    “What has happened: a too many cooks situation. And the broth? Its not very appetising”.. looks like you work in an advertising agency!. ;-D Lurker turned empathize-r . :D

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