Hello, February, I wasn’t expecting you this quick

No, not so soon. Just the other day I was writing about how the year ended quietly with a pleasant lack of celebration. It seems that since then, January has passed me by, just as just as quietly. Almost stealthily. Was it a good month? I’m not sure really. Was it better than December? Most definitely. Was it a good start to the year? Totally. It was busy, but satisfying. It was productive, but tiring. Yesterday, the last day of the month came to a close, almost serendipitously I found myself shutting down my laptop well before 6.30. Something I haven’t done since the year began. I lazily drove home watching the evening joggers all around. It’d been a while since I had seen that sight, and that’s when it hit me: I was finally going home before the sun had set, on the last day of the busiest month in recent times. Could this be the sun going down on the craziness that was January? Perhaps, perhaps. Who knows?

For the first time all month, I found myself at peace. Without the daily work hangover. No thoughts about pending tasks. No worry about what I needed to look into the next day. Just quiet peace. I actually got home in time to sip my evening chai on the balcony. As I sank into my extra-flattened beanbag, the thoughts began to reel. I realised that January has been fairly awesome. Even in all its crazy splendour. January gave me the chance to discover that I still have the energy to give my work my all. If I’m inspired enough. That inspiration comes in many places. Not necessarily in dreamy places like the seaside, watching the gulls fly along and the clouds shifting shapes. I was inspired by a well planned project. A motivating leader. A supportive team. So I guess the trick is to look for that inspiration, because I’m not always going to get it laid out on a platter, or in the most obvious sources.

January also made me realise that I’m very much a solitary wanderer, rather than a pack person. After a whole month of constantly being around people, with the team at work, hanging out with them after work, working on weekends, watching work-home lines blur and always having colleagues around as a result, I’m craving some distance. Some time to myself. Unplugged. There are those who find strength in numbers. Those who need their gangs and cliques. Those who need company all the time. I am not one of those. And this month has driven that home. Hard. So yesterday was a good way to really decompress. And I did so all by myself. With a book and then a movie. I cooked me a home-cooked dinner and had a good nights rest. Like nothing I’ve had in the last four weeks.

The tide has definitely turned, transforming the endless inbetween I spoke about, into a slightly crystallised form. I find myself wandering down. With everything that January has given me: a little bit of confidence, a touch of clarity, some focus and just maybe a little bit more drive.


12 thoughts on “Hello, February, I wasn’t expecting you this quick

    1. I totally forget sometimes. Which is why, even two years after I moved here, I still have those OMG-I-live-here moments of disbelief. But that’s life, I guess :P

  1. Ah! To have that evening chai (coffee for me) at the balcony….. bliss isn’t it?! :)
    I don’t HAVE a balcony unfortunately. *sigh*

    It must be nice to feel so inspired by work! I haven’t had that feeling since I completed this one major project I took on at the beginning of last year, which kinda ended only by early Dec! My targets are all done, and I’ve actually had a pretty relaxed Jan. Feb *should* be the same. (hopefully!)

    1. Yes, it is blissful. Thankfully my balcony overlooks a large empty plot, of greenery, beyond which lie the paddy fields, so it is a good way to look out also :)
      Here’s to an eventful Feb!

  2. Hah, January’s been one hell of a crazy month for me,too. Though Feb, I’m a little worried about. Anyhoo, good luck for the month to come Revaaa. It’ll be good, dont you worry! Cut yourself some slack like yesterday and chill on books/music/movies. I can’t wait for April, when I’d have the luxury to tell myself the same :)

    much love!

      1. But I did, I didddddd! Updated my blog yesterday, to reeeaddd. Solid update :) :) Also, my boards start on 1st of march :/ gaaahh. I miss you on my blog, revaa!

  3. HAI to you too. :)
    your right though its just kinda gone by you know?
    i love your posts of this kind when your recapping and looking back, its always written out in a way that it makes me visualize what your saying word for word. :)
    its funny though how we both slowly fall in to getting ‘unplugged’ as you say,Reminds me of the time when i could just sit in my room and stare, and have you talking non stop and asking me questions. And i really wouldn’t have a WORD to say! (hai i dont feel like talking da) :)
    cheers rere here’s to you having a year full of self discovery. “my blessing are with you.”

    1. Well Wise One, what can I say? Maybe you just learnt the art of being unplugged way earlier in life.
      For me, I feel the need to unplug only from the outside world. With the likes of you and VC and all, not a chance! I will never stop talking bob.

  4. Hope your February turns out to be all that you could have hoped for. My inbetween has been 11 months now, and I am yet to know what life demands of me in very specific terms. So I can imagine what you are going to come out of. All the best. Keep writing.

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