A little space, is all I ask for

There’s a reason I’m recycling this picture. Even though I look nothing like it anymore. The hair isn’t as short, for one. The days of endless relaxation have pulled a disappearing act. I haven’t read a book in weeks now. I haven’t been to the beach in forever.

Yet, the picture is here because it speaks of a certain frame of mind. The kind I want and crave. To internalise things. To think, mull over and act. But that is not to be. It’s another weekend of work. Which means another weekend of not doing what I am in the picture. Read. Chill. Not necessarily by the beach, but just chill. After a fairly good week, I was looking forward to a weekend to myself, after ages. Largely because exciting times are upon us. I have lots to tell. But I need some time to wrap my head around it all. Things are happening so fast, I’m barely able to keep up.

Which brings me back to the picture. And the need for some space, to just be. In order to plan what is to happen next. For that, I need to be in a certain frame of mind. The kind that I am in, in this picture from a long time ago.


14 thoughts on “A little space, is all I ask for

      1. Well, that’s good! :) Looking forward to the updates!

        And yeah,better now. I’m back at work even!

        I don’t plan on repeating my behaviour ! It was bizarre! Even the club was so weird! In my feverish state… I found the place almost scary!

  1. When the time is right it always comes da, i beliwe in that..
    your craving it but its not the time as yet,:)
    This post took me back to “recapping the weekend that was” and all im thinking is “SIGHHH” such fun it was, the rain the bbq, arambol drive listening to bonobo :), in search of a book shop thts no more.! and soul souffle hmmmmmmm mmmm..SIGH again.!
    but i beliwe its coming again da that time is coming. “WAIT FOR IT”

  2. It’ll come revaa, this lovely weekend will come with its own arrogant sweet pace, but it’ll be sweee-e-e-e-eeet once it’s here. ;)

    So chill on it, give it a few more days in the calender. After which, pick up that ONE book you’ve been sighing at from the corner of the eye and hit the beech! A pint or two of Corona goes without saying ofcourse ;)

    Nil :)

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