The case of the wandering Haathi

For those interested, I’m doing a mini blogging spree all of this week over here.

When I first came across the blog, I was excited to bits at the thought of a giant mega-blog of sorts, that would feature tiny windows into the lives and thoughts of bloggers the world over. I immediately wrote to Varun, who runs the blog, asking if I could contribute. He was quick to respond, and about a month later my chance is here!

I thought I had a vague idea of what I wanted to feature on the blog, but an interesting and rather intense conversation I had early yesterday morning, sent me thinking.

I was asked what kind of blog I have. And before I knew, I felt the words tumble out of my mouth: “Oh, you know, the self-indulgent kind, of course.” It was only moments after I had uttered what seemed like the most obvious answer, that I began to wonder about what this blog has come to be. It seemed like a fitting way to begin a week of guest-posting on Vie Hebdomadaires. Where for one week, I will open this window into my life a little wider, let the sunshine in and peek out a little more myself.

Check out my first post about the turning point in my life, and on my blog here.


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