Of napping and why it feels so good

There is something inherently awesome about taking a siesta when you need it the most. Those of you who know me in person, will already know that I’m not big on afternoon naps. Unless I’m sleep deprived or desperately in need of some rest, I find that dozing off in the afternoon makes me groggy and lethargic through the rest of the day. On weekends spent at home, I prefer to chill out in the afternoons, reading, watching TV, or doing something equally relaxing. I’m far too hyper and restless, and have far too much to do on any given day, to go to sleep when my body doesn’t really demand it.

This past weekend, I found myself dozing off into la-la land quite easily. On Saturday, post a long morning of just lazing around and reading, followed by a heavy Goan meal at a quaint little restaurant in Panjim, and a jumbo scoop of chocolate chip mousse ice cream, I found I couldn’t fight the drowsiness that was just overpowering me. I gave in. Letting the fatigue of the crazy week slip away. On Sunday, we had a day of domesticity. Post much frantic cleaning and cooking, and trying to do it all amidst polishwallas who turned my house upside down, by afternoon I was ready to give into the Siesta Lord and let him have me, just the way I was.

Basking in the deep joy that only comes from napping when you need it the most, I had a blinding flash of insight. Waking up to a bright new evening, I realised that what makes an afternoon nap so goddamn awesome for me is the fact that when I wake up, I’m still on the same day. Being as restless as I am, trying to pack in as much as I can into every given day, it’s a joy quite the opposite to the slight disappointment of sleeping at night, waking up in the morning and thinking wow that’s another day gone by.

So this weekend, I awoke both times refreshed and upbeat again, with the entire evening ahead of me. The night would soon be young, and there was still so much of the weekend left to be enjoyed.


In other news, the husband is the next guest writer on Vie Hebdomadaires. Follow his picture-led posts here.


10 thoughts on “Of napping and why it feels so good

  1. I love me an afternoon nap. Though I get the luxury of an afternoon nap only once a week. But I’m also a big fan of power naps – I really wake up feeling refreshed. So on days when I’m working from home, I indulge in a power nap and wake up to a much more productive afternoon than if I didn’t take the nap and feel drowsy and lethargic.

    Also, I now want a jumbo scoop of chocolate chip mousse ice cream!!!


    1. If you have yourself the a rice-based meal, follow it up with a scoop of chocolate chip mousse ice cream and you wont have to consider the nap. It will just throw itself upon you and command you to follow!


  2. As a child I loved my afternoon naps, especially as my day started at 5.50 am. Once I moved to India (and started life as an adult), the whole notion of afternoon naps went out the window and after a point I used to feel irritable even if did get the occasional weekend nap. Now, post baby, I’ve rediscovered the value of an occasional weekend afternoon siesta.
    Sounds like you had a really good, satisfying weekend.


  3. I can’t sleep in the afternoon! If I do, like you said, I end up feeling all lethargic and horrible in the evening, and I won’t be able to fall asleep at night at ALL!

    Your weekend sounds blissfully chilled out! :)


  4. I can so relate to this. I am a very hyper person too, and try to pack in as much as I can every single day. So I am not big on afternoon naps too. But there have been times when I have desperately needed some rest in the afternoon, and those naps have felt like heaven. :)


  5. So true! I love my Sunday naps post ODing on biryani or an extended brunch. It’s like re-fuelling for Sunday evening after the debauchery of Saturday :D I’m literally bouncing off the walls after I wake up.


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