Sing for me

My dear VC,

No, I don’t think we’ve never really celebrated today. Barring the one time we went on that awesome date to Blue Bar, more to escape constant people-in-your-face syndrome and get some alone time.

No, I don’t really need a special day to declare my undying love.

No, I don’t want to personally feel anymore grossed out by this pink mushy overload all over the interwebz,

No, I’m not cheesy to think you are my champion, or I am your champion or we are the champions, or any combination of the given variables.

No, I don’t want to suggest in anyway that you must wear tight white undies.

No, I don’t want to do anything more than mildly embarrass you.

No, I just didn’t randomly pick today, I had this all cleverly planned out.

But yes, maybe its because he has those beers lined up on his piano. So unabashedly.

Maybe its because he is such a rockstar who never really gave a flying fuck.

Maybe its because I want to remember that it was this day, two years ago, gave me a pair of dingle-dangle silver earrings, left me all alone at home and went away to begin work in Goa.

Maybe we should sing more often.

Maybe, just maybe because its this song.

Ah well, you know why, VC. Happy Valentines Day, my smooshkin.

Psst: maybe it’s also because I want to shamelessly pimp your guest-posting spree.


21 thoughts on “Sing for me

  1. I got such an overdose of mush on the WWW that I never stopped to think that V day could actually be a good thing :D This one was awesome, H! And also, the song. Well, just the song for those lightly buzzed Saturday nights at home, just the two of us, some beer, not giving a flying fuck, and knowing that two is absolutely a party :)


    1. Hah yeah, V day is so not my thing. The husband worked late, while I went on a dinner date with a girlfriend. And later at night, the husband gatecrashed our cosy date. All in all an interested experience!


  2. I’ve had exactly ONE awesome Valentine’s Day. And that too, was unplanned. Unplanned as in… we didn’t realize it was going to be Valentine’s Day. It’s only when people started sending in wishes that we realized and we were like ” oh yeah!” and kissed.


    But it was a super nice day, like so many days before and after the day were! :)

    But you know… like Adele says ” sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead”


    1. Shes a smart girl man. Sings happily about all the things I learnt rather painfully in life.
      And man did she kill the scene at the grammys or what! I havent stopped listening to her all day.


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