How long can you go without music?

Or woman-time, for that matter.

I’m trying to think how long I can. But the mere thought is scary. I can’t imagine life without music. It is like this giant crutch that I hold on to. The perfect partner, for every mood, every situation, every kind of day. The only leveler. Of moods, of pace, of energy, of life. When you hit a lovely, slow and quiet day smack in the face, when you’re not expecting it, wonderful things happen. Wonderful things like youtube playlists.

So while everyone is off to celebrate Holi, Yshana and I sit here, with not much to do. So I went on a youtube spree. Only the right music can fix a day like today, when you’re kind of jobless but you can’t just take off and go home (Uff, the price you pay for not liking the concept that is Holi!)

I took the liberty to turn up the girl power. Especially because it has suddenly come to my attention that come 1st April, I am going to be the only girl in a team full of bratty little boys. Poor, poor me. While I’m a complete boy-girl at heart and all my closest friends have all been men, girls need a little girl time every now and then. I don’t know where I’m going to get it from next month onwards. Egads. What a frightening thought. So it all started here:

It set the tone. Clearly girl power mode had kicked in. And I hopped from one chic-flick track to the next, based on what youtube was throwing up on the side links. Three or four tracks down it suddenly dawned on me that there’s a lot of women artists out there that we just didn’t get enough of. The ones that were more than one-hit-wonders, the ones that just came out of the blue, stunned us with their talent, and disappeared. Some stayed around for a while, finding a quiet corner in which to enthrall small audiences. But nothing very commercial and long-lasting. Take Natalie Imbruglia, for one. How many of us know anything of her beyond this song? Or this song? But delve a little deeper and you’ll find gems like this one:

Maybe, like me, you’ll wonder why someone with such a sweet voice, and face to match wouldn’t sing more of her honest lyrics. Apparently her fifth studio album is scheduled to come out this year. Something to look forward to, perhaps?

Then I landed up on this track:

So soothing. The kind of song you want to listen to on a crispy day, when you have no plans but to lie in bed and read a book, with the sunlight streaming in and bathing you down in its warmth. Yes, its a book-reading kind of song. Also the kind of song that makes you feel like shit for not singing more when you were younger. Like her. So young, it should be illegal.

Speaking of young girls singing, when did we last hear anything by this babe-ette:

Completely underrated, I think. She’s ridiculously talented, and worth so much more than the pop junk she turned out. I remember this one phase right before I moved to Goa, when I had this track on repeat. All. The. Time.

Of course it would just be wrong to skip this track while we’re on the topic of chics we didn’t hear enough of:

This one takes me right back to high-school and all the candy-floss music I was addicted to. Such a strange contrast to the kind of music I listen to now. Even though I still listen to a lot of girls, erm women, I don’t think we’ve heard enough of.




Maybe I’ve moved from sweet-faced, sweet-paced lyrical pieces, to more rustic vocals and grungy undertones. But they’re women none-the-less. And every now and then I need my woman-time. When I bring out an old favourite, hit repeat and let it loop. Much like I do in real life. So yeah, I don’t know what I’m going to do without the girlies next month on.


18 thoughts on “How long can you go without music?

  1. A commendable compilation of gems dug up from semi-obscurity. I played quite a few of them and will return for the rest.

    Music never ceases to spring surprises on me. A good piece can transcend me to the other end of the spectrum of emotions. I love Norah Jones and Paul Simon et al.


  2. Oh thank you thank you thank you! :) This one post totally did it for me – I am listening to everything on this playlist right now and then I am going to spend the entire doing exactly this. If I can’t go do a sorry, 9 to 5 job just yet, why not spend my days in the pursuit of woman music instead? I am not getting this time back, for sure! Huggggs! :)


      1. Or you could do a smooth jazz playlist!
        Friday mornings are always reserved for the ladies

        the other woman-Caro emerald
        hurry on now-Alice Rusell
        Congo-Amel larrieux
        Night song-Sandboy and Nanar
        Always in my head-Psapp
        boa sorte- Vanessa da mata
        goody goody-Julie London
        Come along with me-bitter sweet
        Hannas theme-the chemical brothers

        And as for girl do know I’m right next door/upstairs(depending on where we will be this april) ;)


        1. Oho DUDE the list is growing.
          Though right now majorass hyper electro swing shit is pounding my eardrums. Sometime back I was trying to be mellow. It just flew right out the window.
          And yes, you’re there and all. But my TEAM man, its full of frikkin BOYS!! pah!


  3. Oh, Torn brought back so many memories…..actually transported me to the time when I was in college. I couldn’t try giving it up either!

    I’m going to get on youtube the MINUTE I step out of work today! And I’d like to add Alannah Myles to the list of women we hardly heard enough of.


      1. OOH yess, I like how this is spreading! I’m adding these to my list today
        1. Killing me Softly (Roberta Flack) — yes, its GOTTO be on the list.
        4. Don’t Speak (No Doubt). Something about her wearing a bindi and singing into her Indian ex’s face does it to me. — HAHAHA!
        5. You Oughtta Know (Alanis M) — yesterdays list had a few alanis, but I didnt focus too much on her because we’ve heard a little too much of her I think. I loved her when she first started, then she just got a bit too crazy for me. But this ones a good one.
        6. Rolling in the Deep. You knew this was going to follow #5, didn’t you?! — yes of course. Another ridiculously talented chica.
        7. Don’t Know Why (Norah Jones). And suddenly I see a resemblance between her and Zuleikha Robinson!!! — Oh you like Norah? Have you heard this: I think Norah is massively underrated and untapped also btw.


        1. I have! And I love most of the sisters’ collaboration. Except this is too mellow for me right now.

          I love the texture of Norah Jones’ voice.

          (How come you didn’t pick What’s Up?!?!?!?! :D)


            1. LOL I know what you mean! It’s a little too non-mellow for a Thursday night too (in my case) and it’s as if I’ve had bottles full of Mountain Dew!! Lord I hope I get some sleep tonight.


  4. Maggie

    I can get along without music for quite a long time… I gave it up for Lent. But every day I don’t actually hear music, I end up with a song stuck in my head all the time – and I dream about listening to music too.


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