‘Ssupdates: exercise-wise and otherwise

I currently have half a dozen incomplete drafts on my laptop, that I just cannot get myself to finish. Because my brain feels like its turning into a sieve and things I want to remember and post seem to be slipping through effortlessly. Quite annoyingly though, the only thing am soaking up like a sponge (and retaining, with extremely high levels of irritation) is disappointment I have felt with people in general in recent times. Next post on that, as I can put a finger on it and decide if its worth my time and pondering.

When in doubt, bullet points is generally the way to go, I suppose. So here goes:

This weekend I realised that the quandry with getting my ass down to that much needed exercise regimen was more starting trouble than real laziness. Having successfully kept at it for over a week (here’s where I take a bow and you applaud my perseverance. Thankyouverymuch.) I find myself waking up at the butt-crack of dawn, quite safely before the alarm actually goes off. Nothing wrong with that, I guess. Except that it happened as if on auto pilot even on Saturday and Sunday. The two days I actually like to sleep in a little. What can I say, I guess I’m just that easy to condition. Bah.

Hurdle one crossed, I told myself that I am nothing if not persevering. At least when it comes to fitness, and its has kind of paid off. Because I think I have truly stirred my hibernating endorphins from their deep slumber. Because every day this past week, I struggled and huffed and puffed my way through the Jillian workout, but came out feeling like a total babe, complete with the awesome abs and the firm butt. (Please note, its just a feeling) Needless to say of course, that one look southwards would have shattered my day-dream, but I just felt too awesome to care. I had clearly forgotten the wonders of happy hormones, and any workout that makes me feel that energetic and happy, is more than welcome right now.

I can swear I experienced what can only be called a Jilliangasm every morning since I began this god-awesome workout. How else do you describe a massive surge of endorphins that kicks in at 7 am on Monday morning, feels like a giant explosion in your head, and leaves you hyper-energetic for the next few hours – so hyper that you can feel your ears are hot and your head is buzzing nonstop and like you’re going to bounce off the walls if you don’t get a grip? Jilliangasm? I thought so.

In other news, the holiday itch is back with a bang. Since the year began the husband and I have thought about planning that next big trip. But we’ve only gone so far as to talk about it, earmark possible slots of time when we can both take off and think some more. But that’s it. Between dreaming of the many possibilities, wondering which of them we can actually pull off and mindlessly trawling ticketing sites the only thing I’ve successfully done is drive myself crazy. I think the time to stop thinking, and start doing is officially here. This is one itch that needs scratching. And fast.

It doesn’t help when some awesome travellers like her and her, I have come to know, post delicious details in words and pictures about all their meandering travels. And to think I haven’t actually gone on a real holiday since September. The envy!

I have to say thought, that if random trips to big cities count, my luck isn’t too bad. I would have been on my way to Delhi today, if fate had not turned. Much as I am thanking my stars it did, it would have been a trip out, if nothing else. Though next week my luck might change again and potential to be in another big city looms large close to the end of next week.

The husband however, who was hitherto in a different city every other week, hasn’t left Goa in something like four months now. A few days ago (and several times after that)  I found myself asking him, “So when are you going for the meeting you mentioned?” And I realised what had happened almost as quickly as I had sputtered the words. I, the same person who dreaded being alone when he travelled on work, had just asked him when he would be off again. How things change.

So off he went, and I have an evening to myself. Is it weird that what I’m actually looking forward to is his return via a late night flight, which gives me the perfect opportunity to fill my hard disk with brand new music, and take that night drive all the way to the airport to pick him up? I’m a sucker for long drives. Long drives alone are even awesomer. Anything to escape stuffy summer evenings holed up at home.

Which brings me to another update: the days are getting hotter still. Stuffy, muggy and causing us to have the ac on all night. Doesn’t help that the power has started playing hide and seek every so often, starting at the wee hours of the morning, returning only when we’re just done and ready to rush out of home. Strange are the ways of the weather this time of year.

And speaking of this time of year again, it’s that time once again. When the 1st of April inches closer. And I think, “What?! Three months of the crystal clear new year done? Already?!” Only to quickly realise that what it actually means is the birthday is just a month away. And growing older by a whole year will be upon me. Eeks. So much to do, so much to see, so little time.

Which is why I must end this inane ramble, and leave you to whatever it is that you must. Lest you turn out like me, worrying about how fast time is passing you by, and continue to stare at your computer screen and wonder what new wonder it is going to throw at you next.

And if you’re still waiting, I give you this:

If corny words don’t make you chuckle, nothing can! Now off you go!


10 thoughts on “‘Ssupdates: exercise-wise and otherwise

  1. Before I forget- I’m an amnesiac pro, thus I hereby sincerely request to give a subtle shout out at your tiny friend before your birthday, yes? I’d feel like shit if I didn’t wish you, and I trust myself a full 100% to forget :/

    And you shall BE a babe in a month or two, it wont just be a feeling nomore ;)

    AND DELHI :(


  2. R

    Hello! Came here when MM linked your blog and been a regular since then. Saw you comment at most of the blogs I frequent, decided I must de- lurk.
    This is where I never know what to say. ‘I like your blog and your writing style’ sounds a lot less corny in my head, than when I actually type it out! :)
    After reading this post, I’m hoping some of your work-out perseverance rubs off on me, as I start on yet-another-program-to-shake-off-some-weight, next week!
    Will keep dropping by.


    1. Thanks for dropping by, R. And delurking too! I tell all the delurkers on this blog that its one of the nicest feelings when silent readers come out of the woodworks to say hello :)

      And good luck on the work out perseverance. Like iv said in the post, it just takes getting over the starting trouble and then you’ll be fine!


  3. shambhobi

    Good to know that the fitness plan is going great. You make me crave for a holiday too. :( But class 12 so does not permit that but maybe I could squeeze in a little tour somewhere between. Thank god you linked those two blogs…they sure are amazing. And those words there are the shizz. LMAO.

    And before I end my stupid comment; have to say I love your pic on the right. Those streaks are hottt :)


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