I spent all of yesterday in a semi-funk, part-brooding, also fried-by-work state of mind. And I had this track on loop. All day. I kid you not.

This morning though, we’ve swung into a wildly different kind of mood. With this.

Music has this way of pushing you further in the state of mind you are in. Sometimes sending you far deeper in, sometimes liberating you, sometimes putting a smile on your face, sometimes making an intense moment even more so. Yesterday was one of those days. When I just needed the pounding beats of deadmau5 to keep me in a state that I wouldn’t come out of, lest I snap. It may very well have worsened my mood, but that’s besides the point. It felt right. It dulled the noise. It numbed the hurt and it worked.

A quiet dinner with the husband, a lot of talking, some giggles, some mockery and I was up again.

The wonders of sleep are amazing. And I woke up this morning wanting more. Sleep, that is. So when I came into work to hear track #2 in the post, I can already feel myself being lulled into a semi-sleep-like-state. Just the way a Friday after a trying, tiring week should go, I suppose.

I take my music so seriously, no? Sometimes I wonder what I’d do without it.

Edited to add: MM, if you’re reading, I think you will like track #2. A lot.


4 thoughts on “Contrasts

    1. Some of us (read: me) tend to take it a tad far sometimes i think. But thats just the way I like it. And go listen, I sense it will be the next afternoon lullaby.


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