Of sea sides and sweet spots

When the heat shows no signs of going easy, there’s only one thing to do. Find the nearest water-body and dive in.

The husband and I woke up early and drove out to spend the day at Betalbatim in the hope that a dip in the sea would wash over us with its coolness. And we couldn’t have picked a better day. The sun was out, yes, but the wind in my face told me it was going to be fabulous.

As we hit the end of the road that lead into the shack with white furniture and pristine canopies flapping madly in the wind, a glint of the sea caught my eye. Immediately it promised to be a good day. It’s amazing how no matter how hot it is, the seaside always has just the right breeze that could knock you down, but so essential in keeping cool and airy.

I sucked in the sea-tinged air and looked out. The surf clung low, tugging at the shoreline with every wave. In the distance, the sea beckoned and I sauntered onto the beach, thinking to myself. As much as we look dreamily at pictures of South East Asian beaches with the white sands and clear, sea-green waters; I have to say the creamy, grainy sands of an Indian beach can grow on you. There is something wholly reassuring about its earthiness. Digging my toes in with every step I took I realised that it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy.

A swim in the sea — any sea — has this humbling effect on me. Something about the way it swallowed me, the deeper I ventured, made me feel small and powerless. Waves that grew as tall as me scooped over my shoulders, washing my hair down in crazy tangles. And after being knocked down a few times, I decided to just surrender. I could not swim the sea, but I could let the sea swim over me.

Sitting at the hem if the shoreline watching the lacy surf tease its way in and out, I stared into space, at the immense sea outstretched before me. A sight like that always puts things in perspective. I don’t know how. Maybe it’s the endless coming and going of the water, the sand washing in and out a million times over, like there was nothing else it would rather do, always slows down that rush inside of me. Brings back that innate beat inside of me. Everything felt like it was in sync again, like I had finally found a niche in the world, to seamlessly sink myself into. I was a part of everything that surrounded me. I was peaced out. I was at home.


14 thoughts on “Of sea sides and sweet spots

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  2. I felt peaceful just reading this post.The sea is my choice of companion when I need comfort, solitude, space to think or time to just be :-)

    Am back to blogging after a long break and this was a nice read to start with :-)


  3. You have such a lovely blog here! Love the bg! Although I’m in Chennai right now and can see the sea from my terrace, I actually hate seashores and have never lived in one before! But your post, and the first picture make beaches actually sound tempting! I think I’ll go sit in the beach this weekend!


  4. R

    I’ve grown up quite literally by the sea, most of my life and I love how being by the sea is all it takes to calm me down in a way that nothing else can. Maybe that is where my love for flip- flops comes from too.
    Such a beautiful word- picture, your post presents.


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