So much more than a gold digger ya’ll!

Strange things happen when you’re suddenly burning the (almost) midnight oil. When you’ve forgotten what it’s like to stay back in the office that late. When hunger is eating its way upwards from your stomach to your brain, bringing it to a painfully slow, creaking halt. When the words you’re reading melt into one another, and stop making sense, making it impossible to objectively review anything. When you desperately want to ditch the stiff chair that’s warm from holding your posterior all day, and throw your self around. Maybe stretch a little. When you constantly line up all your clients in a row, in your mind, and think of all the impossibly mean things you want to subject them to. When someone turns on Kanye West for some inspiration.

You suddenly remember how fun he actually used to be. And you go into an instant dive back in time when you once listened to Kanye and felt energetic, happy and positively hyper. When you didn’t mind the cussing. The perpetually off-key drone that is the sound of every other rapper out there. You didn’t mind it all. Because Kanye has personality. That sheer fearless flamboyance that shines through beyond the angry exterior. And maybe that’s actually why Kanye stuck in my head longer than any other rapper has. Because he’s not all about the angry rant, about injustice and the crime and the poverty. He has a happy, lively side. And it shows through.

Suddenly the tiredness and fatigue makes way for an instant buoyant bobbiness. In your mind, if nothing else. (Because to break into a bouncy jig right in the middle of excruciating book designs would just be wrong, no?) The night finally ended at close to 1. I went home and crashed hell out. In an instant I was transported to la la land. A whole six hours of sinfully deep slumber later, when I woke up humming this track, I knew it was going to be a bobby-bouncy-beautiful day.

(Warning: do not click play if you don’t like your music generously laden with expletives.)

Of course what followed was to download the rest of the album, and some of the old favourites I had on loop many years ago, came back to me. And how.

I haven’t listened to anything else today. As is usually the case with me, there’s a favourite track or album dedicated to everyday. A signature tune, style that fits the day. It just comes to me, like a call from the air. And it goes on in loop until either the day ends or the mood changes. Whichever happens first. I’m all about ODing on my music until it creeps inside my body, my mind and pretty much finds its way out on its own. It’s the only way I know how to enjoy my music.

Some other tracks I discovered today, that are not half bad. It might just be safe to say the assortment of vocal collaborations is probably what adds high appeal to Kanye. But what the hell, I love him anyway.

And because I realised I’ve done way too many music posts of late, and enjoyed it thoroughly, I’ve decided May just might be the month of music. Frand Ranjan once embarked on an endeavour to list the track-of-the-day for an entire month, and look at the patterns that emerge. I think it might be a fun experiment, and a good way to share my daily earworm. But that is in May. For now I hope Kanye makes you feel as happy and bouncy, as he is making me feel.


7 thoughts on “So much more than a gold digger ya’ll!

  1. Hi Revati,

    I have always enjoyed reading your posts and have nominated you for the Leibster Blog Award. Please take a look at the latest post on viehebdomadaires for instructions to nominees.




  2. Stanley C

    just done nodding furiously at your comment on your method of “enjoy”ing music…by the time the particular song(thats in some loop controlled by forces unseen and beyond my boundaries of control) makes its way out, i’m angry at myself for having done that to the song


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