Are all mornings-after-birthdays so heavy on the head?

Was it all that wine? Or the smokes? Could it be the old friend, sleep debt? Or just fatigue, perhaps? Whatever it is, the day feels like it could not be going any slower. When you come in to work, on time, running on just a little over four hours of sleep, and you begin the day with yawns that make your face as big as the moon, you know its going to be a difficult day. Add to it the lethargy that comes from overeating the previous day, the sugar overdose from that aweeeesome cake and a to-do list packed with a three-day backlog, and you have the perfect recipe for a blocked head. Nothing goes in, nothing registers, nothing useful comes out. Nothing makes sense. And all you want to do is shut off for the day and sleep. And that you, is me, of course.

I woke up this morning with a fright. Because I had happily dreamed that it was Friday night and that I was waking up to a lazy Saturday morning. I could not have been more wrong, and the day seems to be making me pay for my slight error in judgement. Instead of moving on swiftly and getting through it, I’m plodding along, neither being too productive, not being wholly unproductive. It’s a strange blocked state of mind. And its really getting to me.

It’s the kind of day that you want to semi-squeal-semi-drag your words out and listen to Blockhead on loop. Like I did.

And if you’re wondering about the birthday-night-before, much fun was had amidst laughter, music, cheer and fun company. Copious amounts of wine were consumed. I speak for myself, because I don’t know if everyone had enough. I suspect that might have had something to do with how quickly I was guzzling it myself. Somewhere between the fifth and sixth glass I realised that I should probably slow down. But it was already too late. Apart from the wine, biryani was also had. As was a 2 kilo moist chocolate cake sent straight from heaven. Drizzled with luscious white chocolate blended with condensed milk. If there ever was a cake to die for, this is it. And here’s the shocker. There were presents too! Shocker, because I really wasn’t expecting it. The last few years, since I’ve moved away, gifts have been solely received from the parents, the sister and the husband. But this year was different. Also different because a large part of the gifted items were hAAthi-related. A haathi-(piggy)-bank, a haathi tote bag, a haathi clock (!!!), a haathi toilet case, a haathi mobile and a haathi keychain. Its funny how turning 28, I felt like a child again, being showered with gifts, opening them right as soon as I received them, collapsing into squeals of excitement and reaching out for second and third hugs, mostly from the sheer lack of not knowing how to contain the excitement. Ah the small joys.

So yeah, the night wound down closer to 2 am. And by then I had enough cocoa and sugar inside of, to stay bouncing off the walls for a good long time. Which means only one thing. Less sleep. And that means only one thing. A blocked head the next day. And it is anything but fun.

One thing must be said though, if all birthdays can be as fun, I think I can handle one blocked-head-day a year, don’t you think?


22 thoughts on “Blockhead

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  3. shambhobi

    Damn I missed. :( I just remembered we share our BDAY :P SO happy Bday hAAthi, Thanks for bringing Goa to a little town in Bengal every other day :)


  4. Happy birthday! I’m glad you had such a good time! :) I’m curious about the haathi cellphone! :D Do you have a pic?

    And yes, birthdays like this are totally worth the block-headedness the day after. :)

    All the best to you for your 29th year! :)


  5. What fun! The birthday celebration sounds absolutely great and what better excuse to overdo the wine, cake and biriyani ;)
    Happy belated birthday.


  6. R

    Happy, happy birthday. That sounds like a fun evening. Will you be posting pics of the ephe-lant gift loot? I love the sound of every single one of them.


    1. Someone who knows me rather well predicted that Id probably do a post with the birthday gifts, so I decided not to, just to prove that person wrong :P

      But I can show you the pictures! If you tell me who you are!


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