Zipping it

I thought I should drop by a quick note, to say I’m around. Lest May also goes by on the same way that April did. Drenched in a dry spell. But I can’t slink away form it anymore. A dry spell is exactly what this is. Because its not like there’s a lack of food for thought, or fodder for blog. I guess I could show you those pictures I meant to. I suppose I could also get down to sharing all the music I thought I would through the month (seeing as how I’m suddenly listening to so much new stuff). Or I could give you the goss on what I’ve been up to this past weekend. It involved a giant crab. Or you know, the general happenings of life and everything that comes with it. I could do it all. But I think I’ve lost that burning desire to come here and say it all. The effort is beginning to feel like a burden. An obligation. Cumbersome, weighing down on me, making me want to run as far away from it as possible.

There I’ve said it.

I’m a little bored. And I need a break. I don’t know how it suddenly happened. It could be the lack of browser-time during the day. The need to not look at a screen when I’m home. Or it could even be the fact that I think I want to shut up for a while. And not come mass-share everything out here. Its a bit weird because I never imagined I would feel this way, (Disclaimer: there is a 100% chance I will spring back to the good old me and start compulsively blogging again), but until this feeling goes away and I spontaneously feel like coming back here again, I think I’m going to stop fighting these thoughts in my head, and accept it.

My dearest blog, I think we need a break. Not a break-up. Just a break.


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