Why weekends ought to be longer than just two days

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I give you..well, seven thousand words.

This is a recap of last weekend. When we woke up and decided it was a splendid idea to head out. You can’t not, when the day looks like this:

So we went back to Zeebop:

And the day featured much swimming, much sun bathing, and I realised the world is a better place when you have a sister:

And lunch looked something like this (before it was mercilessly devoured by the three of us:

And then the we swam some more, and lounged around gorgeous fishing boats that were lying around:

Of course we fooled around some more:

I’ve said it before, and I’ll point you there again. I’m growing to strongly believe that my productive time is only really productive when I have enough empty time, to decompress, to balance it all out. I am not the quintessential workhorse. I burn out very easily, and its time I just accept it and take things as they are. Also, there are too many things in life that I like to do. Things that keep me going. And if I don’t make time for them, life becomes a chore. When all I end up doing is working and going home to cook, eat and sleep, life turns, well you know, lifeless. I have got to stop fighting it and beating myself into working harder than I am made to. But enough heavyduty thinking for now. I have yet to wrap my head around the million whirling thoughts that have emerged over the past two weekends in my life. It’s amazing what wonder a little alone time, in the crazy chaos of everyday life can do for you. It can crystallize in a single minute, the nebulous confusion I carry around for days on end.

I also made several fits and starts at posts to articulate this unnamed restlessness within, but its not time yet. When it is, I will know I guess.


17 thoughts on “Why weekends ought to be longer than just two days

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  3. bhavanas11

    First you write about 3 day weekend and the post great pics..in the meanwhile I sit holding onto a 1 day weekend for dear life….


  4. bhavanas11

    Those are such nice photos..I envy you. more than 2 day weekend? I get only one day off and I try my best not to answer officials calls and emails that day…no decompression for me (:-


    1. Thats a humbling thought. Next time I want to crib about how I dont get enough time to myself, I’ll remember.. I hope you manage some time off soon and enjoy the bliss of decompression too..


  5. YESS, we all look forward to the time when we can have enough empty time, to decompress, balance out. We all reach that time when we accept this the way they are, and its the fact that its just the 2 day weekend that makes the whole experience so cherishable! watching the waves change course, to eating the best freshest catch of the day, waiting for the sun set like a set stage is being set up in front of you. :) yesssss..


  6. Damn it woman! You make me want to go back to Goa again. And also, eat lots of seafood. Well, atleast I’m going home next week, and there’s beautiful beaches and spicy seafood.


  7. Aaaah! What lovely photos, I’d been waiting around for an update, such!
    I’m going crazy with college applications. Ask them to open a crazy kickass college in Goa, please?


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