I have some good news

No, its not that kind of good news. It’s actually a tad old now, but I cant believe I forgot to mention it here. Our food blog, Hungry and Excited got some good old fashioned media love!

Earlier this month, Asawari from Time Out, Bangalore contacted me, completely out of the blue. When she asked if she could feature my blog, I was confused at first, but also very excited and happy to share any inputs I could, with her.

A series of phone calls and email exchange later, Asawari informed me that the piece would be out mid-month. I waited, and all the while in my head I imagined it would be one of those generic features on food blogs (given the sheer number there are out there!). But when it finally came out on the 13th May issue, Asawari sent me a link to the website, and I was pleasantly surprised and close to ecstatic to see that it was a half pager featuring our very own Hungry and Excited!

It was then that I realised how much I have neglected this place. Of course I have been terribly busy and most of the cooking these past few months has been very basic, and I’ve barely had enough time to get some home cooked food down, with the focus being on doing it in as short a span of time as possible. Shooting the process in the right light, processing pictures and blogging about it was seriously a stretch.

But excuses aside, this is to say a big thank you to Asawari and the folks at Time Out. And to make a bit of a comeback. As always, with the intention of sticking around this time!

You can check out the piece here.


32 thoughts on “I have some good news

  1. hemantarora44

    first time dropped at your blog….nice post..and congratulation….
    I will come back for surprising my mom!!! Suggest some simple yet delicious recipe :)


    1. Thanks TGND..I had almost forgotten about the food blog myself :P If you’re non-vegetarian however, theres an update there you might want to check out :)


  2. Congrats! Methinks food apart, the blog deserves to get features just for the wonderful pics of a meal getting ready. Now time to update the blog :)


  3. ranjanatreya

    Yusss!! Congrats da, this is awesome. And plsss update the blog, I need the directions, God knows I need the directions.


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