Rain music, right on cue

It’s that time of year again. When Zero7 makes a timely come back into my playlist, right on cue. I don’t know if its the heavy bass-lines or the dreamy lyrics, but the Zero7 has always been perfect for squelchy weather. And just one day into the monsoon, I found myself hunting down this playlist frantically. It’s the kind of music that makes me want to drive out in the rain, endlessly, with no plan of return. Last year we took make drives out to catch the gorgeous rainy greens around here, and all along I had a steady Zero7 soundtrack to it all.

Then there’s a collaboration with the genius that is Jose Gonsalez, and when his drippy vocals meet the quintessential Zero7 cloudy dreaminess, I know that I’m in for another case of stuck-in-an-infinite-loop. Incidentally, I discovered very recently that Jose Gonsalez is young and very hot, in a way that you’d like your man to pull out a guitar and sing for you. No unnecessary flamboyance, no fancy clothes, just simple music.

So I give you Joze Gonsalez and Zero7 in two tracks that made me want to go sit outdoors in our sheltered outdoor huts, and watch the rain as I worked today. This is just the kind of music you want when you’re sitting by an open window at twilight, watching the daylight dim down and the sky turn an inky black.

If it isn’t raining where you as yet, give these listen and maybe you’ll see that a song can sometimes make you smell the rain.


2 thoughts on “Rain music, right on cue

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