Things about VC that I never want to forget #2

Things about VC that I never want to forget #2:
VC can live his life like he’s at the office.

Don’t get me wrong. This is not another way of saying he is a workaholic. I mean, he is a workaholic. But this post isn’t about that. This is about the lengths to which VC can takes his official behaviour. His work-life balance is so balanced, that his work is life. And his life is work. He is known to turn perfectly social events on their heads and leave people involved completely stumped.

Like the time we were making plans for a Friday night. One perfectly chilled out, lazy evening he called friend A and asked her very officiously, “What’s the plan of action?”

It didn’t help that said friend was his team-mate and was probably quickly cooking up a 5-point to-do list for what to do next. If that wasn’t bad enough, he proceeded to put her on hold, and “got on a concall” with friend B, in order to collaborate (if you please!) and make plans efficiently.

I do believe the words used were, “Hi, I’ve patched friend B in here. So what are we doing tonight, guys?”

Work – 1. Life – 0.

But let me not take the limelight away from the original sign I had way back in 2010. I should have seen it coming right then, but I didn’t. I should have guessed I’d lost him to the dark side, when he woke up one night, still deliriously asleep, nudged me, pointed intensely at my blanket and said, “Can I get a copy of that please?”

Work – 2. Life – 0.


If you have no idea what this series is about, look here to see where it began.

17 thoughts on “Things about VC that I never want to forget #2

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  2. I read this in reader’s digest one.. A husband was waiting on the other side of the road for his wife, and waved at her to bring the car on the other side.. He told her to “scroll down on this side dear”


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  4. Tamanna Mishra

    Oh. My. God. My husband can say things like “volumes ka game hai boss” in his sleep. And expects me to understand how time cost blaaaaah makes sense outside work too.

    Oh and the excel files we have at home. If he had his way, they would be macro enabled budget documents and our grocery shopping would be one hell of an inefficient process :p

    Love this post. Off to read the series now.


    1. Oh my god. Tht sounds like a dream to me! Im super organised. Ocd almost. The husband is just work obsessed. Last night he asked me ‘for some ideas for a campaign’ in his sleep. *help!*


  5. Hahaha. The ‘give me a copy of that’ incident takes the cake!

    Though I’m quite like that too. Organizing concalls for every single plan we make with more than two people. Asking people ‘What’s the PoA’. Saying ‘asap’ and ‘eod’ when I text people. Creating excel sheets for everything under the sun. And some of the words I use most often in my daily life are ‘efficient’, ‘leverage’, ‘effective’, ‘utilise’ etc. Gah!


  6. Smita

    lol!!! And more lol @ can I have a copy of that :D

    I guess it comes from the fact that we are in auto mode to do certain things. Like I am so used to using my I Card at each and every gate at office that once I tried opening the door of my home by swiping the card unfortunately it still needs a key to open :D


    1. It is totally the auto mode and the lack of being able to draw a line between one thing and the next. The husband has even given me gems like “Send me an email pls?” when I remind him to do something, or request his help for something.


      1. Smita

        Reminds me of my hubby who makes a google document of everything and shares it. Yes all our travel plans are on google documents and so were the b’day plans of my son and ya even the questions I am supposed to ask my loan officer were to be entered in a google document. I just Baahed!!!


        1. Ok being organised and documenting everything is something I am guilty of. I hound him everyday about hisaab and dutifully fill in my google doc. And this annoys him no end. So i guess it evens out somewhere :P


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