And while we’re on the topic of food

I must pause to mention that the husbands step-by-step guide to making dosas is now up, if any of you would like to see. Head here to see how he makes his dosas the way I like them.

And I promise this is the last time I mention food. Or specifically, dosas. For the rest of the. Month.

I’ll try, I promise.

But not before, I reiterate to you how this month has been so full of food. And because I’m quite the foodie, and I’ve been dying to start writing about it, seriously, and because I honestly think Goa could do with some proper categorisation of food places, and because nobody has really ever done it, I went out on a limb and wrote to the guys at telling them I’d like to take this on. Funnily, they agreed.

At first I assumed it was all about the food, and was all distraught about how the opportunity couldn’t have come at a worse time than now. You know, with the rains here, and all the fun places worth a mention shutting down, and all that. But surprise-surprise! It turns out, this is more than just about the food, youguyyyss! It is about the life, the things to do, the places to see, the nooks and crannies worth exploring, and it has totally gotten me utterly, completely excited.

So far I’ve done two food tastings and have two reviews in queue. A couple of stories on Goa in the rain and I have a nice big plan of stories for the month, including fun things to do in the monsoon, must-have street food, shopping addas, aaaand a couple of photoessays too! Phew.

So if you like reading about Goa and want the scoop on where to go, what to do and the like, you know where to look now. I’ll share a consolidated link when I have enough stories up. But in the meantime jaldiiii se, go see my first piece about one of my favouritest Goan food places in Panjim, and tell me what you think!


10 thoughts on “And while we’re on the topic of food

  1. I’VE BEEN TO MUM’S KITCHEN AND YES, it’s slightly amazing <3

    HI, sorry Revzz. I've been horrible with dropping by and jazz. Colg applications fiiinally over! now we shall leave everything to the cut-off gods :P

    haha I hope everything's chiller at your end : )


  2. Banno

    That’s good news, hAAThi, I read the review of Mum’s Kitchen, and already wanted to go there. Definitely will if I manage to come to IFFI this year. Your reviews are going to be a real boon, because yes, as you say, lots of places in Goa to eat, but if you don’t know the right ones, the food can be very disappointing. I always land up eating in Britto’s for most of my stay. And at the Ritz in Panjim.


  3. Not food again…I read your last piece and purposely did not comment. The dosa looks too good. No, I will not go to Goa. I will only go to the mountains in Goa and hike long and hard and I will not go eat street food and other things u mention…no no, no


  4. Wow Revati! That is a brilliant task you’ve taken up. I just finished reading the review, and I can’t wait to visit this place. I suggest you put up a widget on the blog with all your burrp reviews.. I wouldn’t want to miss any of them! A trip to Goa *might* materialize for us, around Oct-Nov (keeping fingers and toes crossed), and then I’ll know exactly what all places to eat at :)


  5. Smita

    My 2nd trip to Goa was during Monsoons and what a beauty it was. My only disappointment with the place was that we had heard so much abotu eateries there but faield to find something specially for a vegetarian like me, so your review will be very helpful in future ;)

    P.S. My comment in your food blog has landed in spam, please save it :)


    1. Oh being veggie in Goa is hard, I cannot lie. But its not impossible, you just have to know where to order what. Hopefully the next time you visit, you will have first hand opinions :)


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