Postcards from Thailand

You know you’re in Thailand when happy smiley faces welcome you everywhere.

When tuktuks line every street and by evening turn into rows of street side cafes. VW vans open up their windows and turn jnto car-o-bars ad serve up maitais that you drink sitting on an orange chair watching life pass you by.


When Singha beer is all you drink to get high. And you discover a whole new level of day time house thanks to the absolutely funky Thai dj spinning her tunes in a shack at the weekend market.


When you find yourself under an umbrella facing a sea green expanse of ocean so clear you can see straight through it.



I’m mooching free hotel wifi for all its worth so I had to stop by and share snapshots of the holiday so far.

Apart from going batshit crazy taking pictures and stuffing my face with the freshest Thai food the holiday so far has left me satisfied. Days are being spent lazing, reading, swimming and largely just relaxing.

There’s so much to share and write but this is about as much as I can manage on my phone. (Have I mentioned just how much I heart my iPhone?!) but its time for my massage and I must be on my way.

I could get used to this.


13 thoughts on “Postcards from Thailand

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  2. The holiday sounds great. And I can only imagine how delicious all the food must be..yummm. Please do a Thai series on your food blog when you are back. (Perhaps you can sign up for one of the cooking classes when you are there? They are good fun)


    1. I considered the thai cooking class but id rather do it when i have a chance to really learn it in depth and spend time on it. Besides i cant get myself to take a break from all the chilling. Finally the husband has convinced me to take the half day trip to a nearby island. My plan was to just plonk myself on a deck chair from dawn till dusk. But yes food post wi be done on the food blog when im bak. As will a part bu part review of the holiday.


    1. Dude i was thinkig of you just the other day! I was telling vc about asean an how we treated it like some prized discovery! The food is blowing my mind. Just got back from dinner and had the most bumburning red curry and rice. O.m.g. You have to come to thailand sometime. Are you back from your vacayy? How eet waaz?!


      1. yes, we’re back :) it was really awesome da, that weird surreal feeling of being back is there – vacay withdrawal. thailand sounds amazing! you must have had this hot sauce called sriracha that’s from there – it’s the best, most bum burning type. totally buy some if you can :D i think you’ll like, and you can eat it with almost anything.


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