Somewhere beyond time and space

The husband and I woke up at the break of dawn today. To get on a boat and sail out miles into the sea. To a point where I could se nothing but mercurial gleaming ocean all around. Till we reached a mass of land that looked like something out of Avatar. Then we turned the corner. Of the land mass of course. And it was like instantly being swept into a new world. Suddenly the waters were insanely blue. Or maybe green. Maybe azure. Maybe emerald. I can’t say. Im still trying to stop staring and figure it out.

I’m in a world away from the world I know. Stuck on an island. Staying in a log hut, sleeping under a mosquito net and looking out into the jade horizon. All this just 30 steps from the calmest most placid sea I have ever seen.


I promise to post a full story when I have the patience to stay within wifi range. Which is to say, away from the hammocks on the beach and the peace and quiet of hearing nothing but the ocean lapping away gently. Incessantly.

If heaven is a place in earth, this is pretty damn close. And I might never come back.


6 thoughts on “Somewhere beyond time and space

  1. Wow, wow and wow. Staying in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere, with just the sound of the ocean and your partner to keep you company is something I would love to do. Where is this heaven on earth? Details plzzz


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