Thoughts on coming home

Okay, I have a confession to make. I’m not really all that miserable to be back.

Yes, it wasn’t the nicest way to crash land back to regular life: a 5.25 a.m. flight into Goa, on the back of an extra long day thanks to travelling westward and going back in time, which gave me an 19-hour long day. It also isn’t the nicest state of mind to be in, when facing your first day back at work after a 10-day long beach sojourn. I was groggy, sleep-deprived and not looking forward to it.

Goa however, has this way of instantly making me feel at home. I was welcomed with squelchy, drippy grey skies and torrential rain and wind. And just looking out the window as we bumped down the shiny runway post a very shaky landing, the holiday state of mind disintegrated and made way for a homey feeling. This is the longest I have been away from home in Goa, and opening the doors to my home and walking in has never felt better.

So yeah, the truth is the holiday was just right. Perfect in duration, chilling-quotient and activities that ensued. And by the end I was ready to come back home. For the first time I didn’t have that lingering I-wish-there-was-more feeling. I wasn’t horribly depressed to land in Mumbai first and then back home. So while I am still reeling in the slightest tinge of a holiday hangover, I am not unhappy to be back.

I am however, swimming in a whirlwind of post-holiday thoughts. So many things to talk about, write about and share. Because holidays have a unique way of putting you in a space so cut off from your own, that it bends your mind in ways you cannot imagine, making you face and embrace truths about yourself you might not have realised in your everyday environment, while running through your every day life.

This holiday made me see some things in a new light. And as is always the case with me, only writing about it will help me get a grip on it. Suddenly there is so much to do in life. Together.

So yup, we’re back. Near charred. Roasted to a slightly over-done crisp, which is peeling off like a fine layer of Fevicol, as we speak. Up close we look patchy and grey and not pretty. But hey, it is a sign of an awesome ten days we had. There was much laughter, much fun, much excitement, much newness, some tears, some discoveries, some overwhelming moments of reality, lots of love, lots of rides. And Oh My Gawd, there was LOTS OF food. This trip was all about the food, and I have a string of food posts planned, which I hope to muster up the steam to get down to doing.

There are too many pictures to be sorted through, too many thoughts to be collected, scattered bits of paper with notes to be gathered and lots of writing to be done. But alas, pretty soon after I landed I was rushing off to work, where all attempts to stretch catching up on emails to keep from facing the quickly mounting pile of work, were an abysmal failure.

So while I try and stay afloat amidst existing work, extra things I have taken on, and a million things I have to do outside of work, I will try and find some time to reflect on the ten days gone by. And all that it has done for me. I will think about how I want to live on an island some day. How it would be nice to have a little place of my own for people to come stay, experience the outdoors, some good food and peace and quiet. I’ll dream about how awesome the constant stream of shrimp, peanuts and raw papaya didn’t leave me bored.

I’m rather refreshed and charged after this holiday. To say I feel slightly changed is an understatement. Thailand is a place that I will go back to for more. But right now, I want some time. And space. To breathe and let it all settle in.

Thailand was lovely. It’s a place that will bubble just beneath the surface of your memories, giving you pleasant frames to remember every now and then. Like the happy faces, the unbelievable service, the insanely fresh food, the positively maddening colours. I wish I could bring back a piece of it to make my own. That, and the unbelievably poker straight hair and bangs.


14 thoughts on “Thoughts on coming home

  1. *Sigh* I so need to revist Thailand. The first time around, I had a lot of fun cos I went with family. But I only did Bangkok and nearabouts, not any of the beaches. The second time I went with the now ex for my *ahem* honeymoon which was *ahem* *ahem* so disappointing even the deepest blues of the ocean and the clearest white sands of the beaches couldn’t help much. Both times, though, food wasn’t a big part of my vacation. Cos I’m vegetarian. (I know, it sucks.)

    That was when I realized how vegetarian-friendly the US really is!


    1. Oh you totally should go back. In fact i am pretty sure the next time i go to thailand it will be either alone or with my sister. Its that kind of place. And the veggie in you will not be disappointed. I stuffed face only because i got to eat the freshestest veggies and fruit. Lota of stirfries and noodles and fruit platters to choose from! Ok i really need to so that food post.


  2. I don’t much like thai food (I might be the only one, I know!) which I think might be one of the reasons I’m the only person I know who’s NOT been to Thailand.
    But your post has me swayed.

    If nothing else, I can go simply for the beaches and the mai tais! ;)


    1. I have always been a fan of Thai food, but let me tell you the Indian understanding of Thai food is NOTHING like it really is! I dont know what it is like in DXB but if your idea of Thai food is red/green/yellow curry and rice, you need to go to Thailand and eat the real thing. Then again, I guess it is a matter of taste, but most resorts and the touristy areas are quite accustomed to entertaining Western tastes, so you will never be without the regular italian/continental fare. We also saw plenty of Indian restaurants, with Indians peeking out and trying to lure us in with roti curry. Except I would blindly ignore and make a beeline for the nearest street cart :P


      1. Thai food is huge here, and I’m guessing is not like the desi version of thai. I guess I just don’t like far-eastern food much. I didn’t much like the food in Indoneisa either. It’s not that I won’t eat it, and if I were to go there, I would definitely eat that rather than the usual fare (cos otherwise what’s the point!).

        Maybe I’ll go to Thailand after my next holiday (which is already in planning stages! :D)


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