Beachy state of mind

No holiday I have ever taken has been devoid of music. So before I left I made sure I loaded my iPod with the usual suspects (the likes of Coke Studio, Zero7, Bonobo, Steely Dan, that I need no matter where I am or what I am doing), some new loves (Advaita, Grammatik, Gold Panda), and a whole bunch of stuff I just picked up form the sister without really knowing what I was getting into. In this stash was some BlockHead, 9Lazy9 and Telepopmusik (the only familiar name, thanks to this track that was a complete earworm for me, sometime in 2009.

So there I was on the white sands of Karon Beach (having totally disowned Patong and its neighbouring areas — not so much because it was bad, but because the craziness and noise and crowds just felt too much like Goa. And that’s a whole other post in itself.) Having just dipped into the massive waves, and loved every moment of it, I came back on to the sand, tiny white specks clingling to my feet. There is something amazing about that first instant when you come out of the cool water, and the heat of the 12 o clock sunlight hits you. Its like mixing black and white on a palette and watching the whole blob swim into a pool of gray. Where opposites collide and become one happy mess. That is a beachy moment. The meeting of sunlight and water, and nothing screams beachy as much as sunning your wet, glistening self on a deck chair.

I stuck in my in-ear-phones deep, and randomly hit play on my iPod, and the beginning strains of this track came through:

I didn’t recognise it, having never really heard it before. But when I looked, and saw that it was Telepopmusik that was playing, I kicked back, shut my eyes and let the music add another dimension to the setting I had nicely found myself in. And here’s my discovery:

– Most times, putting your iPod on shuffle is an awesome idea
– Random discoveries of music are the usually nice
– Every beach holiday needs a soundtrack
– Obscure music appearances can seriously stick like glue, harder than some music you have heard on loop for weeks on end

And effortlessly, Telepopmusik became the soundtrack to my holiday. It couldn’t have been more serendipitous, in that moment on the beach, and yet it was just so perfectly fitting because listen to the track and tell me you don’t picture a deep blue sea in your head? It’s the kind of piece that takes you away into a beachy dream in an instant. So on day 3, back from the beach, suffering flashes of azure attacking my waking mind, I knew just what I needed.

So I found the song. And I hit play.

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