One big thing that made me go hmmm

No change in routine. I’m still pulling longer days than usual, with no time to think about much else except the campaign on hand. It is tiring, to say the least. Not so much physically, but mentally and definitely emotionally. Every review these days feels like I’m running my brains through the tumble drier. I come out gutted, wrung out dry, sapped and with no energy to start over. I don’t know how I’m doing it, I really don’t. Because writing copy is becoming quite like trying to talk Greek overnight. In other words, nearly impossible. But the one thing that’s keeping me going, is the learning. I’m taking it in like a sponge. And while results might not make one believe that, I know in my heart what this experience is doing to me. And I am holding on to it for dear life. I’m not worried about the results, or if we’ll make the deadline, or if we crack the campaign. For me, the process of getting here has been far more enriching. And that is something that outlasts today, this harrowing week, this job and everything that comes with it. The process and the learning will stay with me for years to come.

So yes, I’m here for a quickie update about why I’m still in my busy trap, oven lying ignored at home, blog lying gathering dust, holiday pictures still lying unsorted. But such is life. And I’m powering on in the hope that there will be light at the end of this tunnel. Soon.

But I’m also here to write a quickie about this bold article that left me pretty gobsmacked. In the sense that it grabbed me and drew me in, and I didn’t stop reading till I was done. And then I started re-reading it, right over, almost immediately. It’s funny how in this cacophony that is sometimes life, like this one off mad week that I’m having for example, there is always that one something that doesn’t need to shout too loud to be heard. It slips in silently and inconspicuously. And yet, right there is something so relevant and tailor made for you, it restores your faith in fate. Instantly. It’s also funny how it is in these mad times, especially times that make you question your worth, your capabilities and everything you’re cut out to do, that you tend to seek out things that you can hold on to, things that talk to you and mean something to you. And this piece was once such.

It talks of Solitude and Leadership, and while it was sent to me perhaps to highlight the bits about the latter, it is the former that is what I am obsessing over right now. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know what I mean. And if you find yourself in quite the same spot, where life is going on with nothing to complain, you’re managing, floating along, and yet something feels a miss, and all you ever want to do every now and then is cut back and sit with yourself and you don’t know why, this will probably mean something to you too.

So give it a read. It’s given shape to this gloopy, amoeba of confusion that I seem to carry around with me. It’s put the brakes on my restlessness. And it’s given me a method to go about this madness. Perhaps it will, for you too.


2 thoughts on “One big thing that made me go hmmm

    1. In fact the whole website has been a discovery for me. Check it out. Some real gems hidden in there :)
      Somehow these things come to me at all the right moments in life. The article was sent to me by my boss.


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