Dal chawal and a song to end the day

I’m in that strange place where despite the seemingly weighty implications of what is going on in my head, I seem to be looking for solace in silly every day things like dal-chawal. Like really. I don’t know if its denial, or just my head finally shutting down and wrapping up until things begin to look up a little around here, but at the end of a long day yesterday, I came home exhausted. And all I wanted to do was cook. Nothing fancy. Just a simple palak dal and some rice. With a generous dollop of ghee and a squeezed of fresh lime on top and voila, the world looked like a better place.

Just for a while, it really did felt like the best way to bring back a sense of sanity and peace in my life, was to cook. If only it really were that easy to turn things around.

I’m also in that weird place where what was once a lethal combination of anger, disappointment and utter shock has melted away into sheer helplessness. But not without putting a wry, sadistic smile on my face, thinking about the light at the end of the tunnel and the imaginary sequence in my head where everything miraculously turns around for the better. And of course I emerge on top. Victorious.

Kind of like the absurdity in an Anurag Kashyap film where the bloodiest and goriest sequences have this happy, put-a-smile-on-your-face score. It’s like waking up to the shit, and knowing it is not here to stay.

I’m in that place. And it’s ironic that I’ve been listening to this on loop all day. It’s the kind of soundtrack that makes no sense unless you’ve watched the film. And once you have, you cannot stop. I wouldn’t call this musical genius by any stretch of imagination, but it is ear-worm-worthy and has definitely lifted me out of my funk a little.

And if you haven’t watched Gangs Of Wasseypur already, and this song makes no sense to you, we can’t be friends anymore, I’m sorry.


10 thoughts on “Dal chawal and a song to end the day

  1. I watched about 3/4ths of the movie and then it was 3:00 AM in the morning and I had to go to work the next day so I shut it off. I’m dying to see how it ends. And yes, keh ke lunga just about conveys how I’m feeling these days. It’s been on a never ending loop in my head for the last week.


      1. My rinkydink town in the US will never have Hindi movies in theaters unless its a monstrosity like Ra.One. So there’s no way I can watch GoW II in the theater. I’ll be lucky to find it online. :(


  2. R

    Cooking for you, cleaning the house for me. Cardboard boxes have been procured, various cleaning solutions bought and multiple old pieces of clothing torn/ cut and reduced to wiping cloth. I am both excited and worried for myself tomorrow – this kind of madness grips me once in a while and I am going to end up scrubbing the house clean or die trying :).


    1. I hear ya! Cleaning is it for me too. Which is why when the house gets messy, I know things have hit an all new low. The husband looked at a mountain of clothes which had been lying on a chair for over a week, looked at me aghast and asked “How did you let this be for so long?” im THAT anal..but this too shall pass..Dont worry, too much cleanliness never killed anyone!


  3. shemuses

    Oh man, after I watched the movie, I was looping this song for the entire day. Love, love, love it! And I hope you’re feeling better today!


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