Some more hmmm-worthy thoughts

The crazy tide has pulled back just a tad. I’m not going batty anymore. A day off was all it took. When my body gets to the point where it can’t handle anything, it tends to shut down. And shut down it did, on Wednesday morning. When my eyes opened, but not a muscle moved and I was stuck in bed. Quite happily so. Because I got to stay in, slow down and over the course of the day I caught up on all that I was ignoring. The pile of laundry that was slowly heading to be ceiling-high. The kitchen in all its disarray. Heck, I even got a little baking done! And met my house help who I hadn’t greeted and chatted with in a week. And my reading list.

You’re probably thinking that’s an awful lot to do for someone who was sick, but trust me, nothing makes me feel better than to get things in order. I’m cuckoo like that, but it works. And it did on Wednesday too. It helped me recharge my batteries a bit. Just enough to get through the rest of the week, before I run off to Bombay tomorrow to catch the last few days of the sisters debut show.

In these days of hectic mayhem, of leaving newspapers piled, untouched as I gulp my morning chai and rush off. Of beginning the day with an impossible task list which only grows, never really gets accomplished. Of consistently eating out, coming home late only to crash. Of waking up the next morning, only to lather, rinse, repeating this set of habits. Of wondering how I can slow down a little. How?

It’s an ongoing theme on this blog, this need for depixellization. Less meaningless screen time. More real time. And that need only grows when I hit phases like this. The last showdown of the week that was, was no different. And in that context, I love it when things like this show up, so perfectly timed. Ironically though, I’ve become a link devouring monster. As much as I’ve grown to hate being connected all the time, I love the internet for the stuff it throws up every day. And I guzzle it all, I bookmark, revisit, share, email and forward till I can’t anymore. Sig has this reading list thing going so well. So I’m emulating and when I read this piece, I knew I had to post it here.

If Pico Iyer, as successful as he is, can go after the joy of quiet and make it his own, there’s no way why I shouldn’t at least try. Especially if my life feels like it could do with some quiet.

Funnily though, Pico’s description of the quiet life sounds a lot like the life I had while growing up. In its simplest sense, no cable TV, lots of books, meal times at the dining table with my parents, lots of together time, lots of conversation. How far we’ve come from that.

I can’t remember the last time I spent an entire day at home, with my books. Or doing nothing. Or just being. And in fact its not just me, I see families, my cousins and their children, neighbours, extended friends and family; kids these days have it so different! Which brings me to this chuckle-worthy post. (Also its scary that they’re already writing such things about 90s kids, like they lived a century ago. Heck, I’m an early 80s kid. What does that make me then?)

Anand sent me this wonderfully clean post that simply puts all this mumbojumbo that I have meandered about. Sometimes I think its good to just go offline. I’m trying to do it a little more every day. Its not easy. Because as I was telling a friend the other day, so much of the information overload isn’t even what we consciously we ask for. We’re being bombarded with information, pixels and choices even without our knowledge. Working in an industry that sort of demands that I sink myself into the internet, I wonder what we did before the internet became the holy grail.

I’m off to dunk myself in another cup of ginger chai and go over the Pico Iyer post one more time. And also try and contain the excitement of that blasted movie that I’ve been waiting for, for over a year, that I’m finally going to get to watch tonight.


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