It’s ironic. How every time I decide to go off the grid, stay mum or take a blog-break, and I announce it here, something makes me come back. And in true me-style, I’ve done it again.

This epiphany I mentioned I had? It’s coming in staggered bouts. Of varying intensity. Some days its a small hint, a sign. I’ll smile and get on with life. Some days its a heavy blow in my gut. And I brood over it for hours on end. Yesterday was one such day. I don’t know where this is going to take me, but I do know that it will make me very happy. And I think that is reason enough to believe.

When things get confusing, I tend to want out. And because I know no other cure for stress. And because this tried and tested method has an unbeaten track-record in my personal experience, I did the only thing I know, in situations like these.

I came home. I cooked. And it gave me such a comforting high, I blogged about it.

Roasted Veggies, here.

And Almond Butter Cupcakes, here.

Go on. Take a bite.


3 thoughts on “Soul-food

  1. R

    Its 9.30 in the morning and I am already trawling through that food blog you linked to. And having seen the cupcake pictures, maybe I should take you up on the eat/bake offer in Goa, that you made :). I hope things are looking better for you now. Waiting to read your Thai food post (please tell me there is an exclusive food post. With many, many pictures).
    Oh, and please also tell me you now own those orange- framed sunglasses.


    1. Dude, Im a wayfarer junkie. I cannot have enough of them and wanted to pick the orange ones up, but those were exactly the things I couldnt go back to because I lost the stall in my greed to go see it all and “come back”, which never happened. You know whats worse?! The pair of wayfarers i had on, I lost a few days later, to the sea in Patong :( :( dont even remind me. It was a sad sad morning.

      And yes, things are slightly better. Baking is therapy :P

      I have so many food pictures and stories I dont know how to do justice to them :S without sounding like a glutton. Its a bit embarrassing, but I will get on it soon. The trip really was all about the food. I actually dont even know where to begin.

      And take me up on the bake/eat trip :P but lets plan it together for when I am “free-er” ahem, if you know what I mean


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