Leave me alone

Surprises come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they catch you completely unawares and silently add a refreshing, new element into your life. Sometimes they’re small, but can change so much. And some other times, you sense them coming, but choose to look away and be surprised later. In a way that you really don’t want to be surprised. Sometimes you just want to be left alone. No surprises. No newness. Just plain old things, just the way they are.

It’s been a strange kind of weekend. And frankly, all I want is to not be surprised for a change. Family time is always a strange thing. Because while on one hand it reminds us of how far we’ve come, it is also telling of how much has changed. Like moving along in two timezones. One stuck in the past, and one racing ahead. And somewhere in between, I’m getting worn out.

Youtube throws up its own surprises every now and then, and today it’s brought together Natalie Imbruglia’s boozy voice and Portishead’s shiftless style. A surprise I had never heard before. So perfect for now.

The more things seem to change. The more they actually stay the same.


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