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The trend continues. It seems I’m in my only in my element in my kitchen. Even when I’m tired, exhausted and/or sick. Or both, as I was yesterday. Another day under the weather, and I found myself at home yet again. And I’m finding that too much of it is quite a mood dampener. Of course there’s no better way to perk my spirits than with chocolate. So I dragged myself back into the kitchen to make Pioneer Woman’s Best Chocolate Cake. Ever.

The other good thing about down time is that I get to catch up on all things forgotten. So I also updated a long-lost post from a month ago — Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms.

So if you’re as hungry and excited as I have been. Or sick and exhausted. Or both. Or just want to feel better in general, now might be a good time to go check these recipes out. Just saying.


9 thoughts on “From my kitchen

  1. That cake looks absolutely delicious. :)

    Sadly, I tried out a similar recipe for cake yesterday. The cake came out looking droolworthy, but it had a caustic and bitter taste to it – as if I was eating just soda. I did add it according to the measurements only. :( It is unedible, but I don’t have the heart to throw it out. :(

    The mushrooms look super yummy. Will try them out soon. :)


  2. Thanks for the recipe! I need to get over my fear of baking and really get to it!
    Btw, your chilly chicken is a staple on our weekly meal plan although, the husband always looks at the picture on your blog and says ‘it doesn’t quite look like that yet’! I blame the crappy soya sauce that we get here!

    I’m off to lift the spirits with some ginger tea too! Hope you feel better soon! Only a few more days to the weekend!


  3. THANK you! I was racking my brains trying to remember Pioneer Woman’s blog id!
    The chocolate cakes look deelisssh!

    Hope you feel better soon! If it’s the cough that’s troubling you, there’s a fantastic remedy that TWC told me once – make tea with pepper, ginger, cloves and cardamom (add to regular milk and tea) and some honey. Witches brew that guarantees results! :D


      1. just ginger makes it taste nice. This isn’t the witches brew that I had in mind! :-\
        Oh well… i suppose the important thing is that you feel better. :P
        Just make sure you’re fine come Saturday! :D


    1. Oh Im better. And back at work too. Albeit tired and still coughing like a mad woman. But then theres always a million food blogs to trawl and feel better :P
      WHEN are you sharing pictures from your trip!


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