Things about VC that I never want to forget #4

Things about VC that I never want to forget #4
VC loves to give in to temptation

Gone are the days of waiting to catch Midnight Hot on FTV. These days the husband has his eyes peeled when he catches Gadget Guru on NDTV instead. We live in strange times. Temptation now comes in shiny little minimalistic, white packages (or so he’d like me to believe. Ha!) And when hours are spent ogling at things online, I no longer assume it is porn. I know it is tech-porn. Tech specs have replaced vital stats. (Okay, not completely, but you know what I mean.)

What’s not to like? Small, shiny, holdable, smooth to touch. It’s easy to be immersed in temptation of this kind. Easier still, to give in to sin. And bite that Apple.

One weekend, when I was off trekking, the husband was alone. And in his books, that gives him the freedom to make impulsive decisions that would otherwise be stalled by a fair amount of deliberation, careful consultation, and only acted upon on arriving at mutual agreement from the both of us. In his books, being impulsive equals indulging in temptation. Acting on every desire to own, touch and feel all things shiny, white, minimalistic, and oh-so-pretty. Easy to ignore the tiny little fact that these temptations come at a price. An inordinately high price. A price not always necessary, and not always worth paying. So off he went, and bought this. Just like that. Like he was buying some essential groceries he had accidentally forgotten.

I wasn’t surprised. Because it was no different from the time he bought his MacBook soon after we got married. Or the time he got so stubborn about buying the iPhone 3GS. He was so convinced it was the phone for him, I could have bonked him on the head with the nearest object I could find, when he sold it for a blooming BlackBerry just 7 months later!

Last year, I caught him lusting over the Magic Trackpad. Smooth, sexy and all the better to multi-touch with. Swipe, swivel, pinch, tap, zoom — so many different ways to use your fingers. Barely a year into using it, he’s ready to make a hand-me-down of it, so he can move on to the next level. The Magic Mouse.

When my Lenovo died on me last year, he took no time at all to convince me to indulge. He spoke with such passion and gusto, I was convinced in no time. And pretty soon, I was the owner of a spanking new MacBook Pro. While he enjoyed it vicariously, of course.

Last October, my BlackBerry was on the verge of dying a slow, painful death. A rational, normal human being let it be till it finally went kaput and probably replace it with something affordable, slightly better than the old phone and be done with it. But there is normal, and then there is the husband. In his eyes, signs of a dying gadget is always a sign to bite the Apple. So I did. And he lusted after my iPhone for three whole months. Resisting the urge to ask me to swap phones with him. When finally he couldn’t stand it any longer, he went and nonchalantly bought himself the 4S.

Once he has set his mind on it, there is no stopping the husband. The only thing that can stall every impulsive decision is usually me. Because any expense at that scale makes me stop in my tracks. Heck, I put off buying an oven for over a year! But off-late I’ve been bitten by the bug too. When the iPad came home, I filched it of course, and I frequently use it to blog and read. The iPad goes to bed with us. If the husband had it his way, he’d love for us to make love with all our shiny gadgets and made shiny little Apple babies.

When he bought the 4S, i began to look at my 4 like a poor cousin and have on more than one occasion suggested that we swap. With talk of the new iPhone coming out in October, and my increasing willingness to bite the Apple of temptation, we’re headed for one big gadget orgy methinks. Holy crap.

If you have no idea what this series is about, look here to see where it began.

17 thoughts on “Things about VC that I never want to forget #4

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  2. Evs is exactly the same! Currently we have about 3 touchpads ranging from a Samsung galaxy to the New iPad which was bought recently after the other two were deemed not useful enough lol. Now he’s tired of his android phone and is eying my iphone :P the height of him being shiny new thing?? He came home one day and told me he bought a new BMW. WTF? Lucky I like it too but STILL.


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  4. Haha! This story sounds veryyyyyy familiar. It’s the same story with the husband – he saw, he liked, he bought. I’m the voice of reason in this house. I’m also the one to whom all these shiny gadgets are handed down, since I’m too cheap/indifferent to buy them myself, so the husband will feel good about gifting me his “old” gadget while he gets himself a new toy.


  5. I almost did something like that just yesterday. I almost bought myself cos I was at the mall, but I wanted to get it engraved with a particular line, but I couldn’t remember the line, which is the ONLY reason I didn’t buy one. :D


      1. I wasn’t planning on buying one na! So I wasn’t at an Apple store. I was at another electronics store… and… long pointless story. I’ll tell you on Saturday :P


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