Three cakes, a girl and her happy place

I’ve lost myself in a cloud of flour, sugar, eggs and vanilla, you guys! I don’t want to get out till I have learned it all. The wonders that happen when flour, sugar, eggs and baking powder combine have sent me into raptures for the last few weeks, and I’ve been baking at least two things a week. I’m going at it like an infatuated teenager, and I cannot get myself to stop.

There is that exciting newness, that crazy I’ll-do-anything-to-be-with-you feeling, that heady intoxicating grasp that holds you tight and doesn’t let you go. And its the oven that’s doing it all to me. The mind boggles at the possibilities, and I find myself looking for new challenges, new experiments and new pies to get my fingers into. All. The. Time.

Is this love? I think it is. How else can you explain the fact that I have rushed home after crazy days of work and found the will to make these. Or that in the midst of lying in bed with the flu, I woke up only to make this. And then this. Or that the epitome of perfection on Saturday was this latest experiment?

Baking and me. Right now I’m like a child with a new toy and I can’t get enough of it. I want to master techniques, I want to understand flavour combinations, I want to figure out the basics and learn the classics, I want to be able to do it all without looking in a book. And eventually, I want to be able to conjure up new things, from what I already know. That for me would be the ultimate satisfaction.

Remember when I told you I wanted to learn something new? To delve deep and sink into something, and to find my what’s next. To really drench myself in the world of the new and unfamiliar and not leave till I have mastered some part of it. To go confidently into the realm of learning something for the love of it.

I think I have found just the thing to immerse myself in for the next few months. And I cannot wait.


8 thoughts on “Three cakes, a girl and her happy place

  1. So good to be excited about something isn’t it? I started baking very recently as well. My cookies came out soft, like cake. My colleague called them cakies and ate it all up anyway. :D

    Do keep sharing the recipes! ooh! And give me advance notice for when you make red velvet cakes with vanilla frosting (or cream cheese, I’m not picky ;P)


    1. You know I am all set to make them. Even enthusiastically went and picked up red food colouring, then came home and researched a few recipes and was horrified at the amount of colour that goes into them. I LOVE red velvet cake, but now Im a bit grossed out by my new found the colour is stashed away until I feel brave about using so much artificial colouring at one time :S


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  3. On ya girl! I love how when we discover things like these we get reignited with a passion. I love baking too – made some red velvet cupcakes yesterday :D


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