In spirit

Waking up has never been this hard. My punctuality record at the office has never slipped so low. I have never missed so many morning meetings in a month. Today, I blame it on the rain. For weeks it eluded us, and now its coming down in sheets. The wind is stronger than I have ever felt it, and all my laundry is actually dry, for a change. But what is it about gloomy monsoon mornings that make me want to just curl up in bed with  book?

September, when we meet, we have a lot of unfinished business and unquenched desires to fulfill.


15 thoughts on “In spirit

  1. Awwww
    That’s a brilliant comic strip! :)

    Rainy mornings invoke in me the desire to take the day off work, and just curl up in bed with some chocolate and a great book… to get up some time later to have coffee and hot bajjis and pakodas. :)


          1. cooking is destressing. Cooking for 12 people is just uncharted territory! Super worrying! I’ve got the local Indian restaurant on speed-dial and might just order their xacuti as pretend I made it! ;)


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