Updates of the foodie-kind

All that sloth and refusal to move my arse from where I had settled in on Saturday morning, allowed me to catch up on some pending posts from last week. And yes, you guessed right, they’re food posts.

My second experiment last weekend was carried out with two rather disparate purposes. One, to use my springform pan and the other, to use some kind of fruit. Any fruit. My hunt for the perfect recipe, brought me back to where I first had my eyes peeled. And I pay my obeisance to my new food guru/love/idol David Lebovitz. Three birds. One cake. I thought that reason enough to try this one out.

Soon after I baked that, I promised myself and the husband I’d give the baking a rest for at least two weeks. Because we cannot afford to keep eating such intensely rich cakes. It’s already become habit for the husband to trot up to me and ask, “what’s for dessert?” like he is in a restaurant, where dessert is always an option! So I made a promise. And of course I broke it. But with a cake that made me feel less guilty.

No eggs. No butter. No refined sugar. And with, get this, tomatoes. Chinmayie’s blog is awesome, and I picked this easy to do sweet tomato cake, that had amazingly surprising results. Even the husband who curled his nose up at the thought of a tomato cake (I mean, save that for curry and salads!), gobbled up a piece or two after pecking off a tiny bit like he was doing me a favour by tasting it.

Annnd finally, to break the cake-monotony around here, and to give the husband something to participate in, we made a Sunday lunch of chicken parmigiana. Hearty, wholesome a rather uncomplicated one-pot-meal. Just the kind I like on Sunday afternoons.

Go on, take a look, and when we meet next, please avoid making comments about how much I’ve grown.


7 thoughts on “Updates of the foodie-kind

  1. PHEEW! just caught up with alllll the ex posts that I missed out on, and hell I’d been away for too long from here, I say! :O

    Must I say, the food made me hungry. AND the Thailand photo updates- what loviiin’ :)

    Revaaaaa. Just how have you been? :)


    1. Aaand you were missed too! But it’s cool. New found loves of college life are a good excuse not to be online. What else is up with me..umm, not much that hasn’t already been written about in this blog. I’m busy as shite but staying sane with all the baking cooking writing photo taking etc etc. also quit my job and am looking forward to a sabbatical starting oct 1st :) when I will reclaim my life. Have some plans in place. Some big some small but all exciting. Will tell you when we meet online :)

      And now I demand comments on my Thailand photo updates!!


    1. Hahahaha why da?! Its been top on my must do list for the longest time, even before I got the oven, actually! And it did not disappoint. Im so tempted to do it with beetroot now :P


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