Letter to my lifter

Dear Plagiarizer,

It seemed like an uncanny coincidence at first. When I saw specific words I had used in recent posts, echoed in your blog, just a few days later. Phrases, issues, topics, themes. It’s hard to pinpoint, but it stopped being uncanny and cute when I saw it happen over and over. Surely we cant be that alike.

Maybe you needed inspiration. Maybe you needed ideas. I have been too, several times. Inspired by something I read, something I saw, something I wanted to do myself. And I’ve made inspired posts too, cooked inspired cakes too, told stories, inspired by those others told. But always giving credit to the source of my inspiration. It’s only right.

Blogosphere is massive, audiences overlap, thoughts collide and there is very little that is truly original. Sometimes one finds rude shocks like I did today. What I saw, made me wish I had never stumbled on it. Because it has changed my very perception of you. In you, and your writing, I saw a younger me. I thought we were alike. But that alike? The truth is, we couldn’t be more different. Because I would never lift another’s words. I would never make an inspired post, without giving due credit.

So I’m going to ask nicely. Please, stop?

If you don’t have enough originality, resort to inspiration. But do it the right way. Ms. Plagiarizer, you know who you are. I hope you’ll understand that we’re a happy bunch of bloggers in bloggerville. There are no rules written in stone. We get each other, we know where to draw the line. We know when to stop. Maybe you’re new here. But right now might be a good time to learn the ropes.

A rather miffed blogger (who didn’t imagine she’d ever have to write something like this)


14 thoughts on “Letter to my lifter

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  2. You know what, one part of me wants you to reveal, or at least drop a hint -Plagiarism has become rather thick-skinned, in-your-face shit of late-, but the other part realises how tough it can be! I know the feeling. But someone above said you are famous and maybe it matters to you. Hopefully, she gets the message and tries her methods elsewhere.


  3. Sabyasachi Patra

    Unfortunate that people plagiarise. Not many people can have original thoughts. There will be a few copy cats. The copy cats should be named.


  4. I’d say name and shame but this would just increase traffic to her blog. In this world where you can become famous because of how awful you are (like Rebecca Black), I’d say this is your best bet, short of taking legal action.


  5. shweta

    Jeez…I did’nt know there’d be copy cats even in this arena!What exactly do people gain from copying another persons thoughts, ideas and words??


    1. Arrey koi hai. I didnt want to name and link so writing to her is out. I dont want to give it any more importance. I juat want her to know that i know. Which she does now i guess.


  6. Ma’am you are famous! These things infuriate me, but they also excite me to a small extent. You’ve arrived.

    But, if it’s real plagiarism, you can take some serious action!


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