Tight and white and everything nice

So apparently I’ve been living under a rock. Because I don’t have a TV anymore, and I am not on FB, I miss out on all the outrage. I just might be the last person in the country to see this television commercial, but it blew a fuse in my head faster than I could say 18-again.

What kind of regressive, twisted minds sit in ad agencies and dish out ads like this?

Did we not get enough (of tasteless advertising and the outrage that followed) when we learned of whitening our vajayjays a while ago? Now we must know how to tighten them as well? Apparently brand ambassador Celina Jaitley, called this an “empowering product” at a press conference.

Are you for real, Celina? Empowering? Because that means we can now preen and primp ourselves down to the last T, or should I say, erm, V. All for the benefit of men? Because being perfect in every way possible, is the pinnacle of our existence. The milestone of having arrived. As women.

It’s funny how India is stuck in a flux of moving backwards and forwards at the same time. On one hand we have the Mary Koms and the Saina Nehwals doing us proud. And we sing songs of praise from the rooftops, about the moderns Bharatiya Naari and how she is out and about and doing us proud. And then we have examples such as this, that bring us firmly back where we started.

But, surely this is progress, don’t you think? We’ve broken the shackles of looking down on our privates as dirty, unmentionable things. Because now we have all new products, sleek TVCs, sexy homely women shimmying her thing in front of their joint families. We no longer shy away from matters of womanliness. We talk about them boldly. Yes we’re liberated. We can talk about vaginas on TV, we care about women’s hygiene, we’re uninhibited. Yet, amidst all this new found courage and progressiveness, is that shadow of the same old narrow minded, typecasting attitude: that the hallmark of a woman’s life is to be the best she can be. For the man in her life.

What kind of empowerment is that, I ask you? Should we take pride in the fact that we can (and will) now de-hair, perfume, whiten, and now tighten our pussies. Not because we want to or might feel like, but because our husbands would like it.

Should we feel glad that someones openly talking about it in a TVC? I mean, who cares what you feel? Who cares if it makes you feel used and like a mere object at his disposal. You’re watching a big bold advertisement on TV. 60 seconds entirely dedicated to making you vagina tighter. Guaranteed to make you feel like a virgin. So much so that even Paati is looking it up on the internet. It doesn’t get more progressive than that no?

So there you have it. One foot striding ahead disguised as being liberated, and one foot firmly stuck in the past. Is any wonder then that what we are, is actually stuck in the middle. At least it will now be a tight, white kind of stuck-in-the-middle, I guess.

What’s it going to be next? First we wanted the fair skin. Without which we couldn’t be TV anchors, or sportwomen. Then we wanted silky straight hair, like its the only kind of hair worth having. Then the odourless armpits. Then the white armpits. We even went so far as aiming for white vajayjays even. And now we want them tight too?

Have we gone batshit crazy? Seriously. Whatever it is these folk smoke, I’d like some of it.


12 thoughts on “Tight and white and everything nice

  1. Hi haathi,
    haha…i dont know if i feel like laughing more or i feel disgusted more.
    but i agree with you 100%.. for Indian women, somehow everything they do revolves around pleasing their man…
    And living upto this \’perfect woman\’ image created by media, and silently demanded by husbands/partners/BFs is so so taxing.. on the pocket..on the time and on our sanity


  2. Sabyasachi Patra

    Changing perceptions take a long time. That needs serious effort. The biggest influencers are the mass media, TV, films etc. Filmmakers need to be convinced to weave this issue into their stories.


      1. Hi haathi,
        haha…i dont know if i feel like laughing more or i feel disgusted more.
        but i agree with you 100%.. for Indian women, somehow everything they do revolves around pleasing their man…
        And living upto this ‘perfect woman’ image created by media, and silently demanded by husbands/partners/BFs is so so taxing.. on the pocket..on the time and on our sanity


  3. Hello.

    I hadn’t seen this ad. But the first thing that came to my mind was just about what you mentioned in your post here. It is so appalling to see an ad which intends to attract women in order to be more desirable to their husbands.

    Being a doctor myself, I’m all for new avenues for health and treatment. In fact, I’m a fan of surgery. But the other day I came across an ad about a plastic surgeon in Delhi who specializes in hymenoplasty. He assures of reconstructing a broken/torn hymen to appear as normal to cater to women who are about to get married but don’t have an intact hymen due to any reason before marriage. I mean, this is sick. Isn’t it preposterous for a man to judge his wife on the basis of a fragile piece of tissue ? And isn’t it equally preposterous of a woman to present herself in such a way to her future husband so that he is happy ?

    Sometimes I just feel dizzy with repulsion to such ridiculous mindsets of men and women.


    1. I guess there are just as many women who are ashamed of losing their virginity before marriage, as there are men who consider virginity just another tick mark in their search for the perfect wife. DIsgusting.


  4. Archi_palego

    You answered yr concern in the comments section, There is a market so they make the products.
    Similarly, the advertising agencies, promote it, in the most eye catchy manner. Cant blame it entirely on the Advt sector – they are giving (ads) – wht sells best.


  5. I really do not understand as to why women have to be under this constant pressure of being the perfect women. Men can be pot bellied with hair coming out though their nostrils and ears (Yuck) but they are still pati parmeshwar.
    I have no issues with the desire of tightening ones’s V what irks me is the way the product is placed in the market. Makes us women look so imperfect.


    1. Yes its the subtle pressure that gets to me. Sure if someone wants a tighter vajayjay (although why anyone would want that tightened, I dont understand), by all means go get it, but to package it as something desirable, for your husbands sake is what I find unacceptable.


  6. Roxana

    You know how there is a whole section of us women who keep ranting against fairness creams but it turns out there is actually a large market for them? And that this market keeps growing? If someone told me that these creams have a similar market, THEN I really would just go jump off a bridge. All of us ranting and raving against these products are sadly not their target audience (methinks) – somewhere in some big city or small town in this very country we live in, there are girls/ women discussing the efficacy of this product and that is very, very worrisome.


    1. Oh yeah of course.. They wouldnt be making and marketing fairness creams (for women AND men) if there wasnt a need for it. But I guess its too much to expect responsible advertising. That would make no business sense. For the companies making these products or agencies advertising them :S There is no real solution to this.. It was just a spontaneous rant sparked off by the ad. Ugh..


  7. Omg, there was an ad in the newspaper the other day and I swear I couldn’t believe my eyes! I don’t know if it’s the same brand or was from some fake-o preening these products around.

    It’s quite pathetic. Given the sad context in which one should ‘ideally’ put themselves through all that! Ugh.


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