A weekend dedicated to baking

If you think I’m obsessed with food and cooking, you haven’t seen anything yet until you’ve met some of my friends. I feel lucky because I have more than a few of them who share my passion for food, for experimenting, for blogging about it and for generally being a glut about it.

So when Anand and I decided that we must meet one weekend and dedicate it to some serious baking, plans were afoot to make it happen. And soon. Last weekend Anand landed in Goa all set to launch our Bakestravaganza.

We had a jam-packed schedule planned and our list of to-dos was an ambitious one.
– Tiramisu, the David Lebovitz way, except we’d make the lady fingers ourselves. From scratch.
– Bread, a la Anand (a 50% whole wheat bread he’s mastered over a year)
– Quiche Lorraine, as seen on Masterchef a few weeks ago
– Vanilla essence from scratch

You didn’t think this was just another update, did you? You didn’t just assume I would spare you every inane detail that transpired, did you? Because of course I have long stories to tell. And recipes to share. And pictures to flaunt.


The Bakestravaganza is yet to be complete. But until then you can head over and read about our adventures in making vanilla essence, how it looked on day two, making bread and finally ladyfingers.

The only story that remains to be told is of the Tiramisu and the Quiche Lorraine. I’ll get to it in the weekend worry not. But until then ponder over the thought of making your own bread. It will change your life and you’ll be happy you did.


11 thoughts on “A weekend dedicated to baking

  1. lady fingers got me really excited. but that was because i thought you meant the vegetable (LOVE lady finger bhaji – i wonder if lady fingers could be fried up padron peppers style – but maybe more masala. If only i could cook)


    1. Ya babe. I feel your pain too. But between baking like a mad woman processing pics and posting them like a mad woman my weekend just whizzes by :( i MUST do it this weekend.


    1. This is the basics: just get in and start. These pictures are from my very first attempt. Though it did help that i had enthusiastic Anand by my side to help. See if you can find a partner whos equally enthu :D
      Or you could look here: http://www.thefreshloaf.com/ a fellow food-blogger shared this with me after she saw my post, and i have been engrossed ever since. They even have simple lesson plans, for beginners, so you can progress slowly and go over levels of complexity..

      pssst: When are you coming to goa?


  2. Smita

    I have been yearning to bake a bread for ages….and this one is so very tempting…..but need time & patience for it. Plus I do all my baking in my Convection M/c so wondering whether I will get the same results….lemme see…..


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