Kitchen chronicles

I’ve been on a bit of a huge roll with the kitchen mojo hitting overdrive of late. All I can attribute it to thoughts of the impending sabbatical, which is essentially going to be spent diving head on into the world of food. So I’m thinking of this as a run up to the real deal.

The poor husband sometimes gets bewildered. He goes out of town for one night, and comes back to two kinds of cake. When he’s not slogging his ass off at work, he’s slogging his ass off being my photographer assistant. Which sounds all very cool, I’m sure. Except the part where we have to then eat and finish everything I make.

The husband makes noises off and on about how fat we’re both going to get. But I dismiss them by telling him I’m cutting down on butter and sugar and using tomatoes and avocados instead. What, they’re veggies, no? Yesterday, I even used zucchinis! Recipe to follow soon. What can I say, he’s just going to have to put up with it for a while. And he does. Silently eating pretty much everything I come up with. Including my wild and whacky ideas, which sometimes don’t sound even mildly edible in his head. But it’s all part of the ride, and here’s what I’ve been up to.

It all started with the onslaught of avocados, and I was eating them in all forms, including this plain and simple breakfast idea, and good ol’ guacamole. And it isn’t over yet. I even made an avocado cake, soon to be featured on the food blog. Waitforit!

Every aspiring home-baker looking to hone her skills must have a quick-fix brownie recipe in her kitty. And I didn’t. Until I tried Deb’s (from Smitten Kitchen) recent brownies. She promised they’d be quick and simple to make, yet decadent. Just the way I like a quick-fix chocolate recipe to be.

And the mother of all posts this past week, my fourth loaf of home-made bread. I have bought just 1 loaf of bread form the market in the last three weeks, and that too because it was spinach bread and sounded too interesting to miss. Next time, I’m making my own spinach bread, but I think I have some more practicing to do before I get there.

I am nothing if not determined, when it comes to food. So VC, if you’re listening, now would be a good time to reassess your decision to marry the girl you never knew would one day cook up a storm.


11 thoughts on “Kitchen chronicles

  1. I have to, have to introduce you to a friend of mine.

    She’s a baker and i’m sure you will have some interesting conversations!! As long as you agree to share recipes to yummy stuff you collaborate on, I’ll be one happy customer. I plan to stop by her house next time I am in India, I’m angling for an invite to yours, too. So I can come back double my size. :)


    1. How thoughtful of you! But i Will have to find some other way to connect – I’m not on fb. Is there a blog or something I can see?

      Are you going to be in india anytime soon?


      1. Hoping to be there in October 2013, that’s the earliest I can make it back home. Unfortunately, this friend doesn’t blog. A fledgling bakery operation, 2 kids, and several other commitments have prevented her from doing so. When she does start to blog ( she assures me she will soon), I will introduce the 2 of you. Meanwhile, I have pointed her to your food blog.


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